September Foodie Pen Pals

So I took the month of August off from foodie pen pals because there was just waaay too much happening.

Things are still up and down with my health.  I have been having a lot of sinus/breathing problems so I finally went to and ENT to get to the bottom of it.  Turns out I’ve had a sinus infection all dang summer but it was mild so I just assumed it was allergies.  However, the smoke from all the wildfires around here really aggravated it this last week and my ENT put me on steroids and antibiotics to make sure this thing gets wiped out.

*fingers crossed*

Time for the foodie pen pal reveal!

If you don’t know what foodie pen pals are, it’s a fun monthly program where you send a box of your favorite goodies (the spending limit is $15 plus shipping) to some one and you get a box from someone else.  You don’t have to be a blogger to participate!  To find out more information and sign up click here.

A big thank you to my pen pal Katie for choosing such thoughtful things!  Thanks Katie!

Getting packages in the mail never gets old, especially when there are surprises inside!  I love savoring the opening of the box:

Included in the box were black bean and sweet corn salsa, peach preserves and an adorable farmer’s popcorn cob.

I have yet to try out the salsa and the popcorn, but the peach preserves are almost all gone.  I really, really, really heart jam.

I sent my box to Catherine, who is also a reader.  Here is her review of what I sent!

Thank you, Meg from Idaho! You are the BEST Foodie Pen Pal ever!

The day arrived. THE DAY. The Foodie Pen Pal delivery day. It took all my energy NOT to open the box until I snapped this photo!

Now it is time to have my goodies revealed. Yay! Meg REALLY sent a lovely sampling of Idaho, including Idaho BBQ spices, potato pancake mix, huckleberry jam, and a postcard from the area she lives nearby.

Of course, there were more! Including, delicious, chewy, freshly baked oatmeal coconut cookies! Meg, you brought so many smiles; thank you again for your thoughtfulness and the time you spent gathering and making the treats!

That’s all the foodie pen pal new for September.  Where did September go!?!

Keep your eyes peeled for an AWESOME sweet potato recipe coming later this week!


2 thoughts on “September Foodie Pen Pals

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    I had a sinus infection which were caused by allergies. It just wouldn’t go away! The last update I had was that I needed my adenoids removed. So good luck! Hope your infection goes away FOR GOOD!

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