August Hiatus

Oh my heck I haven’t posted all month!

Instead, the husband and I have been blissfully enjoying the end of summertime.  Despite an unusually high amount of smoke thanks to wildfires raging all across Idaho.

I took hardly any photographs, enjoyed many late mornings and even later breakfasts.


I almost ran out of gas.

Went on a shooting date with the hubbs.  Cause that’s how we roll.  He is an excellent teacher by the way.

Case and point:


I think it’s safe to say that I actually have decent aim.

I tried this vanilla bean sparkling water.


It’s the perfect hint of vanilla bean and a nice way to curb a soda craving.


I got myself ridiculously addicted to chocolate coconut water.

I baked these incredible Molten Lava cupcakes and made up my own buttercream frosting recipe.

Hint: it involves whipping cream.

The cupcakes were part of a baby shower I threw for a dear friend of mine.

The night before the shower, I bought some flowers to arrange and nearly jinxed myself by saying:

Ok, I’ve seen this done once before…


They came out splendid, incase you had any doubts.


But alas, school started this week and I must once again be a grown up.

C’est la vie.

(La vie.  Easy A fans out there??)


Truthfully, one month of summer is just about perfect to reenergize the soul for structure and schedule.


We saw The Imaginary Invalid at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and enjoyed a night of hysterical laughter.  It was freely adapted with a French 60’s pop theme.


A little random but absolutely side-splitting.  The costumes were awesome and I was thrilled that Jer enjoyed it as much as I did!  Clearly I need to expose him to culture more often!


After my magic bullet bit the dust one day, my husband got me an early Christmas present:






It also came with a huge cookbook and a dry grain grinder.  This should be fun.  *grin*  Maybe I’ll finally bite the bullet and try my hand at bread.


I had fun experimenting with some of the recipes and making up my own.


Carrot watermelon strawberry smoothie.

Fresh watermelon limeade.


Apple Cinnamon Dutch Baby


I got some new shoes.  Always a win in my book:


These Merrells are supposed to be comparable to the “barefoot” shoes which I really don’t care much for, but I hear that they are actually better for weight lifting and so far I really like them.


Tell me: what were the best things about the end of your summer?



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