Gym Pet Peeve and Signs of Life

Hello!  Did all my fellow Americans have a good fourth?  And let’s not forget Canada day for my fellow Canadians!  And of course, love all around to those of you living elsewhere!

I used the extra “Saturday” to clean my house from top to bottom and get some yard work done.  Whopee!

If you don’t live in Canada or the US, what is a big holiday in your country?

Things are still busy, busy around here but it’s summer, and life is good.  Guess what!  I got 100% on my Microsoft Word exam!  Now we are moving onto Excel and then Powerpoint.  It’s amazing all the tricks I’ve learned.  I finally feel like I sort of fit in with my computer literate family.

Jax survived neutering like a champ.  I knew he would but I still missed that little guy! Here he is on the ride home:

I feel like something’s missing…

He definitely did not slow down.  But luckily, he did not need a cone of shame:

Haha, that one gets me every time!  (any UP! fans?)

In fact the last few weeks I’ve been having a problem with him pulling out my newly planted iris bulbs!  I think he’s done it at least 3 times!  Little stinker!  Luckily my iris are tough and have sprouted signs of life despite Jax’s best attempts!

There is no comparison to homegrown tomatoes and this year I finally, FINALLY got my own little tomato plant.  We’ll see how it goes:

My house is currently smelling amazing because of this little gem I came across on Pinterest:


Just lemons, vanilla and rosemary simmering on the stove.  Apparently it’s a Williams Sonoma secret, so don’t tell!

I made this amazing buffalo pizza, recipe courtesy of Janetha.  Holy.  Yum.  I’m thinking I need to make it again this week.

You can find the recipe here.

 So let me tell you my #1 gym pet peeve.

Nope.  It’s not grunting.  I usually have my headphones on so I don’t hear much anyway.

Or dropping weights really loudly.

Nope.  It’s this:

Weights, weights everywhere. Except where they belong!

 What.  The.  Heck!

People who don’t clean up after themselves drive me nuts!  I don’t understand what is so hard about walking a couple of feet and put them on the rack!

The ones on the left were literally left right in the middle of the floor, so that everyone had to step over/around them.  I’m the one who would trip over them if I wasn’t paying attention.  They were also 80-90# which is too heavy for me to pick up by myself.

On this same venture to the gym, someone had spilled what looked like Coke (who drinks soda at the gym?) and hadn’t bothered to wipe it up.  Since it was the only open bench, I grabbed a towel and wiped it up no problem.  Arg!  Some people are so lazy!

But at least at the end of it all, I get to come home and snuggle with these guys:

That makes it a little better.

p.s. Look how big Jax is getting!


15 thoughts on “Gym Pet Peeve and Signs of Life

  1. I hate people that don’t put their weights back. Part of my job involves making sure the studio is looking neat and tidy, and I can understand regular people forgetting to put their weights back, but trainers? Ugh. SO many leave their crap everywhere. We have this one random set of dumbbells that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the set, and it doesn’t say how much it weighed but I guessed around 15-20kg. I casually grabbed them (leaning over and hoisting them up, rather than deadlifting them properly) and nearly threw my back out – they were a good 100lbs each! Could have killed whoever left those out!

  2. Arrgh, I completely agree with you about abandoned free weights! I feel like I have to go on a scavenger hunt every day I lift! Sometimes I find them in the most random places, like by the bathroom. Uhh, wtf? Haha

    I’m a huge UP fan; it’s probably my favorite Pixar-ish movies. The other is Despicable Me–love that one too! Glad Jax is doing well after the surgery–and that he avoided the cone of shame. 😉

    I’m going to have to look into that Williams Sonoma trick! I live with smelly boys. ‘Nuff said. 😉

    Hope you had a great weekend, darling!! See you in less than two weeks! xoxoxo

    • The bathroom!! That certainly is one place I’ve never seen free weights!

      Despicable Me is another favorite! I bought it on DVD so I can watch it all the time! 🙂

  3. My dad used to grow tomato plants, they taste much better than any that you can buy! And I live in England, so a big event is Bonfire Night! We burn a massive bonfire and have fireworks, but the point is that it recreates the burning of a traitor to the English monarchy, so it’s actually really creepy! Still fun though!

    • I’m so glad you shared that Sara! I’ve never hear of Bonefire night. Sounds like fun! Hmm… traitors.. that sounds like the US! Oh well.. 🙂

  4. Holy cow Jax is almost bigger than Hunter!
    I need to try that WS aroma trick, just need to get my hands on some fresh Rosemary!
    Totally agree on leaving weights around is annoying. My biggest GPP ( gym pet peeve), people who don’t wipe down their cardio machines after, ESPECALLY when they are super sweaty! GA- ROSS!!!!

    Congrats on acing your exam! I wish I had had a cool class like that! 😉

  5. Jax is soooooo cute! The nice thing about owning a gym is I get to make the rules and putting equipment back is number one 🙂

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