Tuesday Things.

I think today’s post will be short and sweet!

1.  Did you know that mosquitos are most attracted to type O blood?  Lucky me, I’m O+.  I was outside for maybe an hour the other day and I got 4 bites.  On my bum.  Awkward.  😦

Do you know your blood type?

2. I did a set of fifty lunges.  Fifty.  Gaaahhh.

3.  Now THIS is an ice cream sundae, if you can foot the bill of $250.  It’s made with 60 pints of ice cream!


4. Jax got to show off in obedience class last night!  The instructor takes turns demonstrating commands with the doggie students and tonight she picked Jax!  He was so obedient and well behaved and I was so proud of him!  She said that Jax was making the command look easy and making her look good!  I was beaming!  So glad practicing our “homework” is paying off!

I got this… no big deal.

5. On a different note, Jax went in this morning to be neutered.  I hope he is ok!  I will miss my sweet little guy.  But I will be happy I still have this big lug to keep me company.  (And I think Hunter will appreciate the peace and quiet.)

A whole day when I don’t have to share??

6.  I hadn’t had any frozen yogurt since summer begun!  So I decided to treat myself to some after a long day of school:

Totally hit the spot as my weekly treat.  This cup included watermelon, cake batter, tart and coconut.  With butterfinger, granola, coconut, fresh pineapple, bobos (those fruit tapioca thingies), butterscotch and whipped cream with a cherry on top!  Yummm.

7. Lookit!  I painted my nails super cool!  Glitter = happy.

8.  I’ve been reading a new book: Insurgent which is the next book in the Divergent series.  I’ve barely gotten into it, since I’ve had enough school reading lately to make me cross-eyed.

9.  If you knew nothing about me save it were from this post, you’d know I like frozen treats and my dogs.  Yup.  Sums it up.

10.  I also like my husband.  He’s a keeper!


24 thoughts on “Tuesday Things.

  1. That frozen yogurt looks so good – much better than what’s on offer here!! Here it is so expensive to add toppings, so I usually just get two and that still costs me $8! Haha I love your dogs, they’re so cute 🙂 The 50 lunges are good for the soul!

    • Wow $8?? I think that cup cost me $4! The place I went was self serve and then they just charge you by the weight of whatever you throw in there.
      Ok, pain memory is fleeting, fifty lunges really weren’t so bad.

      • I workout at the Meridian Axiom, usually around 5:30 on weeknights and just random on weekends. We should workout sometime or get Fro-yo or something!! Let me know!

      • OMG yes! How exciting! Fro-yo or take the pups to the foothills and go hiking, that would be so fun! 🙂

        I am always looking for new workout buddies! I went to the meridian one lots when we were living near there, but now I usually go to the Fairview Axion, but I am pretty much in the middle of the three!

  2. If I did fifty lunges I probably wouldn’t be able to walk for a week…I hate lunges!

    Did you enjoy Divergent? I was thinking about adding that to one of my classes next year but I haven’t read it yet. It’s on my to-do list!

    • YES. I walked out of the gym with jello legs and was pretty stiff the next day. Pain memory is fleeting though, because now it doesn’t seem like it was so bad.

      I did! Divergent takes a while to get the story moving. Once I accepted it was not hunger games, I really enjoyed it. Only at the end does it become a real page turner!

  3. Ahh, how did I miss this post?! ❤ Okay, so I had no idea that mosquitos are most attracted to Type O blood, but that explains why I *always* have more bites than anyone else I know! Gah. We can commiserate together once I'm in Boise! 😉

    Congrats to Jax (and you!) for being a model pup! He's such a cutie! And so is Hunter…but you already know that I think so. 🙂

    I'm in love with your bowl of froyo! YUM!! Can't wait to try the TCBY Greek frozen yogurt with you! Don't forget: July 18th! 😀

    I was doing 50 lunges during my first 6 week program, and thought I was going to die every time. My second plan has me doing Bulgarian split squats. Be prepared!

    LOVE YOU!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! xoxoxo

    • Yes, plenty of froyo dates while you are here! I think that U-swirl has the best toppings, but Aspen Leaf is pretty good too.

      The lunges WERE a little easier the second time around. They wouldn’t be quite so intense if I hadn’t done several other leg exercises before! Thanks for the heads up! Bulgarian split squats are deceptively hard!

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