Tuesday Things.

I think today’s post will be short and sweet!

1.  Did you know that mosquitos are most attracted to type O blood?  Lucky me, I’m O+.  I was outside for maybe an hour the other day and I got 4 bites.  On my bum.  Awkward.  😦

Do you know your blood type?

2. I did a set of fifty lunges.  Fifty.  Gaaahhh.

3.  Now THIS is an ice cream sundae, if you can foot the bill of $250.  It’s made with 60 pints of ice cream!


4. Jax got to show off in obedience class last night!  The instructor takes turns demonstrating commands with the doggie students and tonight she picked Jax!  He was so obedient and well behaved and I was so proud of him!  She said that Jax was making the command look easy and making her look good!  I was beaming!  So glad practicing our “homework” is paying off!

I got this… no big deal.

5. On a different note, Jax went in this morning to be neutered.  I hope he is ok!  I will miss my sweet little guy.  But I will be happy I still have this big lug to keep me company.  (And I think Hunter will appreciate the peace and quiet.)

A whole day when I don’t have to share??

6.  I hadn’t had any frozen yogurt since summer begun!  So I decided to treat myself to some after a long day of school:

Totally hit the spot as my weekly treat.  This cup included watermelon, cake batter, tart and coconut.  With butterfinger, granola, coconut, fresh pineapple, bobos (those fruit tapioca thingies), butterscotch and whipped cream with a cherry on top!  Yummm.

7. Lookit!  I painted my nails super cool!  Glitter = happy.

8.  I’ve been reading a new book: Insurgent which is the next book in the Divergent series.  I’ve barely gotten into it, since I’ve had enough school reading lately to make me cross-eyed.

9.  If you knew nothing about me save it were from this post, you’d know I like frozen treats and my dogs.  Yup.  Sums it up.

10.  I also like my husband.  He’s a keeper!


It’s About To Get Busy

Shoot– I started this post almost two weeks ago and got too busy to even finish it.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I hope you’ll enjoy the updates!

Things have gotten reeeeally busy around here:

My mom came.  We had a lot of things to do in the yard and it turns out I’m clueless when it comes to things like caring for trees.  She cooked me dinner almost every night!  We also had some fun girl time.  I took exactly two pictures:

My mom trying on these ridiculous shoes. Hey mom! Good thing you shaved your legs!

She rescued some pork chops from the depths of my freezer, cooked some fresh green beans and we decided to do sweet potatoes two ways: one with parmesean cheese and onion powder and one with almond butter and cinnamon.  Can you believe my mother had never had a sweet potato with almond butter and cinnamon?!  You’d think she wasn’t a blogger or something. 😉

Pork chops, sweet potatoes and green beans. Thanks mommy!

I’ve signed up for summer school.  Which I absolutely love.  I’m a learning nerd.  Can someone please pay me to be in school forever?  Even though it’s half as long as a regular semester with all the information of a full semester, you have less time to forget things!  Plus, the people who are there are there to learn, no to just show up and zone out.

I am taking part two of A&P and it is a really fun class.  Even some of the boring cell, uh, functions? are actually pretty interesting, especially since our instructor is so passionate about it!  We have a lot of great class discussions and I am proud to be a part of such an intelligent group of people!

I am also taking a computer literacy class.  It covers computer basics, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  I kind of rolled my eyes, thinking I knew it all, but there are a lot of little tips and tricks I am learning along the way.  There’s always something new to be learned!  My instructor is great!  She really seems to want us to succeed.

When you finish typing a sentence, do you do two spaces or one?  I was always taught two spaces.

I kind of wish every semester was more like summer school.

Jax is going to school too!  He is signed up for an obedience class once a week for 6 weeks!  If you are in the Boise area and want to take your dog to a training/agility school, check out Precision K-9.  The instructor, Paula, actually trains police dogs!  How cool is that??  Jax and I are having a lot of fun together, he is pretty eager to learn– given he doesn’t get too distracted by the other dogs!  We have homework every week in the form of practicing commands and non-verbal body language.

Night time snuggles.

Chewing bones.

Hunter says he wants to go too.  I am pretty sure that he could use an obedience brush-up.

I have been making things grow!  I planted a few herbs and my mom helped me plant a few onions so as long as I remember to water them, I should have some fun little plant babies to enjoy!

Sweet basil, Italian basil, lemon balm and oregano.

Onion sprouts!

I also want to plant some other herbs including mint and cilantro and grow a cherry tomato plant.  Fresh cherry tomatoes win hands down to flavorless store bought ones.

What’s your favorite fresh herb?

My daylilies are in full bloom.  I love these flowers!  They are so pretty and really easy to grow.   They pretty much take care of themselves, which is how I like it.

After a rather long hiatus, I randomly sat down and decided to do some art:

It was obviously not the best light when I was working on this.

I’ve been doing a lot more crafts in more recent years, but I’ve always love to paint and draw (and in that order) and I’m almost always doodling.  So I decided to brush off my barely used oil pastels and see if I still had it in me.

I remember I was so insecure in high school about my art, because it wasn’t edgy or incredibly detailed or whatever “real” artists did.  I’ve always liked to re-create pretty things.  But now it’s just a nice way for me to relax and let my right brain have a little fun.

Hopefully my next update won’t take so long!