Hey!  How is it already thursday night?

Thought I should pop in and say hello!

This week has been a delicious one!  You know how some days you have all this inspiration to cook and other weeks it’s just a chore?  Sometimes nothing sounds good except take-out. :/ Truth.  This week I was filled with inspiration!  Of course a trip to the grocery store always helps there.

Look at this cute little onion!  I bought a whole bag of Vidalia onions, which are a little bit sweeter than regular onions.  And they don’t burn my eyes as bad!

Cute lil’ guy!

It’s been a good balance of gym time and healthy eats.  Always a winner in my book!

I eat eggs for breakfast pretty much every morning.  The last time I didn’t have eggs was when I went out for breakfast with Jer and had Belgian waffles.  Obviously.  Belgian waffles are my very favorite!  I want to get a waffle iron one of these days, but then I might eat waffles for every meal!

4 egg whites + 1 whole egg with ham and a sprinkle of colby-jack cheese

For lunch, I’ve been doing a ton of lettuce wraps.  They are just so bright and fresh, perfect for hot days.  Delicious, I assure you.

Lettuce wrap with ham, turkey, hummus and avocado.

a quarter of a very large acorn squash, plus two lettuce wraps with hummus and avocado. One with leftover tilapia and one with grilled chicken.

And hummus, in case you haven’t noticed has appeared in almost every meal.  I kind of got sick of it for a while but lately I can’t stop eating it.  

This won’t last a week

I did something incredibly smart when I got home from the store this week.  I chopped up all my raw veggies and put them into individual bags.  Now I have easy ready to go snacks!  I’m slow, but trainable. 😉

Smarty pants!


This week’s dinner winner was fish tacos hands down!  I don’t know why I don’t make these more often, they are one of my favorites.

Tilapia cooked with taco seasoning, lettuce, salsa and freshly made guacamole. Yummm..

I ate three and I was stuffed.


But there’s always room for dessert!  Especially one that only takes about 30 seconds.

Quick peachy crumble!

Summer time always makes me think of peach cobbler, so I got the idea to make this really quickly in the microwave.

All you need is:


-1/2 c. fresh or canned peaches in pear juice (I used canned since that’s what I had)

-1/2 c. granola

Layer most of the granola in the bottom of a small dish, top with peaches, the remaining granola and cinnamon.  Then microwave for 30-60 seconds. Tasty!


Last weekend I watched The Vow and it was one of the best chick flicks I’ve seen in a long time.  Sometimes they are too overly sticky sweet or just plain unrealistic (I was NOT a fan of Something Borrowed– why would she want to end up with such a sleezebag??)

Although the whole time I was wondering what was going on with Channing Tatum’s greasy slicked hair.  Does being trendy meaning not showering?  Not a fan, nope.  Still, if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out!

Have a good weekend!  It’s almost here!


11 thoughts on “Ummm…

  1. All your eats look so yummy! I know what you mean about the hummus, I stopped eating it for a little while but the next week I was craving it all over again!

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