Thursday Things

Yessss… time for a list.

1.  Those who follow me on Pinterest know that I have no life.  Or an addiction to Pinterest.  Quite possibly both.  I think my favorite thing on there are the quotes.

I’m pretty sure that I could write a post every week with all the quotes I love.  What’s your favorite quote?

2. At my very first chiropractic adjustment, I got the giggles.  Which I guess is my way of coping when I’m nervous (it could be worse right?) And I’m not talking about a little tee-hee here and there.  Oh no, I had full on belly laughs.  What the heck is wrong with me?!  However, it’s been two weeks since I started seeing a chiropractor and the relief is unbelievable.  I’m not cured, but I sure feel a lot better.

3.  Just when I was feeling ready to get back into the gym, I’ve come down with this horrible sinus infection.  Yuck.

4.  I have little (if I’m being honest) to no fear of public speaking, or large spiders.

But let me tell you: preparing to apply to nursing schools is TERRIFYING.  Yup, I fear failure.  Too bad fear doesn’t burn calories.  Or does it?

Except maybe heights… and ghosts.  I hate those slightly more.

5.  You know what’s kind of great about being a woman?  You can cry, at the drop of a hat, for no apparent reason at all, and it’s perfectly acceptable.  As long as you remember to mop up all the mascara afterwards.

6.  I could never meet a celebrity.  Never.  I would totally embarrass myself and giggle the whole time.  And either talk non-stop or stare at the floor.  But if I did, I would want to meet AnnaLynne McCord.  Am I the only one who thinks she is drop dead gorgeous?

Love her.


7.  With all this time being laid up, I’ve been painting my nails a lot more.  I’m kind of getting into the whole one nail painted different thing. Actually, I like it a lot!


I bought this bright coral a year ago, and never really got into it.  But now I think it’s my favorite color!

I love my wedding ring, I do.


8.  Eggs + spinach sauteed with smart balance and a little lemon juice has been my #1 breakfast lately.


9.  Has anyone had this before?  I’m curious what you thought of it.

I thought it tasted… very healthy.  And like grass.  I hope my body liked it.

10.  Strawberry season is upon us…  Which means the return of my favorite strawberry spinach salads!

Maybe I’ll have another one for lunch today.


Have a good one!



8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. You already know that I LOVE your coral nail color! What brand is it?! I never used to paint my fingernails, but now I can’t stop. However I find that I have to reapply nearly every night, which is a bit of a drag. Why does it chip off so easily?

    Your favorite egg breakfast is pretty much what I eat every morning, except I add oats or some grain alongside. 🙂 And do I spy feta and strawberries on that spinach salad? My favorite.

    So glad to hear that things are going well with the chiropractor. I get the giggles thinking about you getting the giggles in his office!

    Love ya, girl! xoxoxo

    • It’s OPI Sephora “Lost without my GPS”. Mine usually will last a couple of days before they chip, do you use topcoat/basecoat? It makes s big difference I’ve noticed.

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