The final stretch

Um, hi.

I was gone the week before last.  And then I had intentions of being back.  But for some reason (cough*sucky internet* cough) it didn’t happen last week either.

Well, not gone, I was at home.  Or at the gym.  Kind of the same thing these days.

LiveFit has taken over my life.  But I’ll get to that.


Let me give you a quick run down:

Jax is still a cutie but is becoming a bit of a mischief.

We went to dinner and I ordered this fabulous jalapeno tilapia.  Too bad my body is much too used to my super clean eating diet and it was too rich.

I had the Cesar salad because it was my cheat day.

I made an amazing egg white salad with fat free greek yogurt, onion powder and s&p.

Jax gets a bath about once a week.  He always manages to roll in, er, the yard.

Chicken burger (with mustard and ketchup added later), sauteed spinach and acorn squash.


We went to Joe’s crab shack last weekend.  I heart crab.  My husband always eats faster than me.

Crab is the only exception.


As for LiveFit.

This is the other reason I haven’t been blogging.  Week 9 was tough.  And I was sick for two of the workouts.  Yes.

As in last week was a 9 out of 10 (only because I only wanted to puke— but didn’t).

This week has been easier.  I recover quicker, cursing working set + active rest (do the first exercise, and then instead of resting, perform the active-rest movement (for example, jump rope). Immediately repeat the first exercise.  As in 2 exercises, back to back, three times in a row.)  Superset + active rest combo?  (two exercises back to back, then an active rest of mountian climbers or burpees or some other form of torture and repeated 3 times without stopping– theoretically.)

Atleast I can say I’m learning quite a lot.  And becoming a little tougher… I’d like to think.

I’d say it’s been 8 out of 10, if only because I started the carb cycling portion which is a huge pain in the butt.  Counting calories is mind numbing enough, but low carb days make me just plain stupid.

I can gladly add fitness model to a list of careers I never want.

I’m actually surprised I’ve survived 3 low carb days.  It’s probably because I have no tempting carbs (read: bread) in the house at the moment.  The apple cinnamon protein bars are actually quite good!



12 thoughts on “The final stretch

  1. Aww, Meg, I’m SO proud of you for sticking with Live Fit! It sounds like Phase 3 is super intense! I’d gladly trade places with you though…Want to cut a deal? ;-p I love high intensity workouts and they’re officially out of my life for a little while. Cheers to conquering challenges for both of us, right?!

    When I’m home this summer, I request lots of puppy cuddle time with Jax. Can you tell him to not grow any bigger? 😉

    Love and miss you!! xoxo ❤

  2. I may or may not come steal Jax. He is just the cutest. 😉

    “I can gladly add fitness model to a list of careers I never want.” haha That would be on my list too. The body? Yes. What it takes to get there? No! I need my wine and bread. Oh and my nightly bowl of cereal!

    • I wish Jax would stay little forever!!
      It definitely makes you appreciate what they do to get those rockin’ bodies! But I agree– I NEED bread in my life! And cheese. 🙂

  3. Good for you for keeping going! Jax is adorable 🙂 and all your eats look delicious! I could never ever do low carb though, I love pasta and bread waaay too much!

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