A New Addition

I was originally going to name this post “On Fire” (which I will get to in a minute) but come on, this clearly takes presidence:

Meet Jax our German shepherd!

Meet Jax!  Our new German shepherd pup!


He is just barely 7 weeks, but so cute!  He cries and grunts like a piggie a lot but he is just a little darling.

He follows Hunter all over the back yard and anytime Hunter drinks water, he wants a drink too.  Hunter is thrilled… I think.

In other, less cute news, here’s the update on LiveFit:

Last week, (week 3) my body was ON FIRE!!  Mostly my legs.  There were 5 workouts this week (the last two weeks were only 4) and while it wasn’t brutal, it was definitely a step up from weeks 1 and 2!  I felt like I was at the gym to WORK!

I can tell I am getting stronger because I am able to do a little more weight almost every week and am definitely getting less sore.  I’ve been foam rolling like a mad woman and I think that has helped!

I’ve weighed myself here and there (no change) and also got a BMI test.  Now I know they aren’t 100% accurate, but it was a good idea of where I stand and where I want to be. Sometimes, the truth can be brutal.  Just one more reason to eat as clean as I can.

I’m happy to say that I am starting to notice little changes in how my clothes fit.  My jeans are more comfortable and some of the sleeves on my shirts and dresses are a little looser.

Until now, I hadn’t really dealt with any cravings, since I use Saturday as a free day of sorts.  But I have started to crave sugar!  Peppermint tea is supposed to curb sweets cravings and promote digestion, so I’ve been having a cup almost every night.

I tried out Jaime’s pumpkin protein bars, which are pretty tasty.  Though I’m a bit ashamed of jumping on the “healthy baked goods wagon. 😉  I don’t know what is happening to me!

I even made protein oatmeal and have to say, it was the best I’ve ever had.


This week I made the turkey meatloaf muffins.

I have to admit, I was skeptical that they would be dry and bland, but the chipotle pepper spice really is worth hunting down!  Since I didn’t have dry mustard, I just replaced it with the kind in a bottle.   Very full of flavor!

My absolute favorite meal of week three was spaghetti night!

Spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and ground turkey.

I was glad I had lots left over!



15 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jax is SO cute! I love that name. We actually considered it for a baby name (if we were going to end up having a boy). Adorableness. I’ve made those pumpkin bars before- they are yummy

  2. He is absolutely adorable!

    I’ve heard great things about livefit (and those pumpkin bars!). The healthy baking bandwagon is fun…although I haven’t been successful baking with protein powder before 🙂

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