My new little corner

Horray for my new little corner of the web!

It only took since… oh, August?  I would get on here, fumble around, get frustrated/feel stupid and save it for another day.  I’m going to go ahead and commend the full moon on this one.  I’m not completely finished.  Still a few tweaks here and there but hopefully that will go much quicker!

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  I had a great, laid back day with my honey.  Since I started LiveFit on the same day, I only cheated with a slice of pizza at lunch and shared an AMAZING piece of pina colada cheese cake from the Cheesecake Factory accompanied by “happy birthday”, of course.

1 week down, 11 to go

I promise not to bore you too much with my experience with LiveFit.  Promise!

The first two workouts of week 1 were rough.  I mean they were good, but I worked hard and felt pretty sore.  Probably lifted a littler heavier than I should have.

As far as eating goes, it hasn’t been difficult.  Well, I’m not used to eating 5 times a day.  I feel like it’s all I do!

Baked mustard chicken on brown rice plus lettuce mix with avocado

Roasted butternut squash, tilapia with lemon juice + asiago cheese and peas

5 egg whites with zucchini and onion and salsa, butternut squash

While I haven’t been black and white strict, I have included a lot more vegetable though out my day and eating full meals instead of grabbing what is fast and easy.  I actually am re-discovering foods I like such as butternut squash.  I roasted a huge batch at the beginning of the week for easy meal prep.

I’ve also found some new favorite snack combinations.

Celery + pb!

Cottage cheese + blueberries

Other than that, it’s been pretty smooth sailing up in these parts!


Yes, I am a goober. #whaleface

Life is Good!


14 thoughts on “My new little corner

  1. hehe oh girl I love you 🙂

    p.s. feel free to update me on livefit whenever you want 😉 you know i am always in to having a good fitness discussion 😉

  2. Loving the new design, and your meals look delicious – super healthy and clean. I’ve never been a huge fan of peanut butter and celery but then I’ve only tried it once, might have to give it another go.

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