A Big Thank You + Fitness

Hello there!

First a big thank you to Chobani for contacting me in December.  They are bringing a plant to Idaho and offered me a case of free yogurt.  Yes please!

All this x2!  I’m telling you, pineapple is by far my favorite!

And they sent me these cute little magnets as well as a conversion table.

**Hokay, I’m not a nutritionist, trainer, health expert here.  This is simply a documentation of my habits of late.**

Last post, I mentioned briefly that I was proud of how consistent I’d been at the gym during December.  It seems I’ve got a good thing going!

Since I love to make lists (you know you’re a blogger when…) here’s what I’ve been doing:

hot yoga.  aka torture.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with it.  I love that it’s been stretching out my muscles and making cardio/weights feel better.  But I count down the sweaty minutes until I can book it out of there.

body pump.  This is my go to class when I’m feeling lazy.  I don’t have to think and I love the positive enthusiasm and motivation of everyone around me.

cardio mix-up.  I have some serious ADD so I like to do several cardio machines.  Lately it’s been: warmup power walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, followed by a 30 minute hill climb or something similar, followed by 10-15 minute intervals on the stair climber.  Last time I did this I was pouring sweat by the end.

circiuts.  I do these with one of my friend who always thinks up wicked circuits and I’m happy to follow along (and sometimes complain a little). 

Now here’s the honest truth.

I’ve been slacking in the nutrition department a little.  Not making a lot of bad choices, but not making enough good ones either.  I’ve been a little better at planning ahead which always makes a huge difference.

I might even be getting used to oats.

But upward and onward. 

Life is too short to look back.  Besides, my guts don’t respond too kindly to a lot of processed/rich foods.

I’ve also been making a plethora of soups this winter.  I’ll make a big batch Saturday or Sunday and then eat it for at least one meal a day throughout the week.  So far I’ve made:

-cheddar vegetable
-tortilla soup
-split pea (am I the only one who prefers the yellow peas to the green?)
-chicken noodle

If there’s one thing I’ve re-learned, it’s plan ahead.  That way, it’s so much easier to grab something quick that’s still healthy.

Wanna know a secret?  

Since Christmas, my clothes are already fitting just a little bit better!


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