What? It’s 2012?

Oh hi there.

Merry Christmas/Happy Haunakkah/Happy New Year.

This past month has zoomed by.

I think the only thing I’ve been consistent with is the gym.  Yay me.

Oh and this darn sinus infection.

Anyway, here is a super fast recap:

Finals: stress, exhaustion, long nights, wondering how I ever stayed up past midnight studying, muchless pulling an allnighter, and finally a sigh of relief.

The last of my vaccination updates.  *Warning, this next picture is graphic*

This is the back of my arm from an MMR shot.  It’s better to give than receive I tell ya.
I made Hunter wear his sweater vest.  Glad to report is doesn’t seem quite as tight on him this year.

I made these as Christmas gifts for my friends.  I got the idea from Pinterest but I had no idea how long they would take!  Approximately 3-4 hours a piece!  But they came out great and everyone loved them.  I call that a win.
I put 3 strings of lights on my very tiny tree.  It’s still sitting in my living room.

Drove to Oregon to visit my family for Christmas.  Hunter was my co-pilot.

Christmas dinner.
Cake balls.  Yum.

I decorated a gingerbread house.  

We came home a few days later, exhausted.
I am finished with CNA school and halfway through my clinicals.  It is a lot of hard work and not a quiet moment, but I am really loving it!

Oh, and apparently my Christmas cactus finally decided to bloom yesterday after over a year of coaxing.  Another win!

I am still writing 2011 when I have to date something.

Hopefully I’ll have 2012 memorized by February.  

My birthday is in less than a month.  I always start the countdown on January 6.  Say what you will.


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