Happy Redneck Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving was one of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

And it involved shotguns and clay pigeons.

A lot of talking smack.  That’s how we roll.

Everyone was laughing and joking and trying to one up each other.

But above all, safety first.

Welcome to (eastern) Idaho.

Can you spy all the red shells?

J’s uncle, J and J’s cousin at the clay pigeon shooter.
J’s bro (holding the shortgun), his nephew, and half of J. 
Me?  I’m more of a handgun girl, but I’d totally be up for learning to shoot clay pigeons.  J is an excellent shot and he says I’m not half bad. 
Serious business.
I’m a secret agent. šŸ˜‰
After working up a good appetite being in the brisk, windy outdoors, it was time to feast

I always, always look forward to the stuffing the most.

There was ham.  With pineapple and amazing ham gravy.

J’s cousin and J’s dad.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had J’s mom’s sweet ham gravy. 

There was also turkey.  
J’s uncle.

After all, what is thanksgiving without turkey?

My plate: lots of stuffing, mashed potatoes with ham  gravy, ham, turkey, cranberry sauce, pineapple, broccoli salad, deviled egg, pumpkin roll, marshmallow salad, fresh veggies and a couple black olives.
J and I shared a dessert plate with pumpkin pie, apple pie, oreo pie, and pumpkin roll.  
Nothing like eating a Thanksgiving dinner and then sitting in the car for the 4 hour ride back home.  Oof. 


5 thoughts on “Happy Redneck Thanksgiving

  1. That picture of you shooting made me smile — you look all cute and girly and then you are shooting a gun. I love it!! Sounds like a fun thanksgiving and not just an eastern idaho thang. When I went to visit J. Alabama's family last thanksgiving we were doing the same thing — shooting guns before turkey. Fun times!

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