Festival of Trees

Brrr!  It’s gotten chilly here!

That hasn’t kept me from bundling up in the mornings and hitting the gym before the crack of dawn.  Of course this leads to earlier and earlier bedtimes… I may or may not have gone to bed at 7 Sunday night.

In fact, just this morning I got up extra early for a grueling, sweaty spin class.  Truly, the hardest part is enduring that hard bike seat.

Speaking of workouts and December, have you visited Janeetha’s blog contest Dedicated December??

Let’s all rally together and stay dedicated to our fitness this December!

Over a week ago, I went to see my friend’s little girl perform with her ballet class at the Festival of Trees, organized by one of the local hospitals (I’m actually going to be doing a few clinical hours there!).

“The Festival of Trees has been a favorite holiday tradition for Treasure Valley residents for more than 25 years and has raised over $7 million to improve healthcare in our community.”

Every year and there are tons of trees decked out to the nines all sponsored by business and school.  A lot of them are even available for sale.

Love the ski tree!
Wonderful winter white.
Traditional red and green.
Of course a Boise State Broncos tree!
Rustic tree. Love.
Another more traditional tree.  I like the cascading ribbon.
Pink tree!!  For breast cancer.
Last but not least…
A barbie tree!  When I was a girl, I loved barbies!  
I can’t wait to be 80 when it’s socially acceptable to collect them. 😉
I loved looking at all the different themes, as well as noting some ideas for my own tree!  I like to do something different with our tree each year.  It’s fun to play around with different color combinations and just get creative!  
I always add a few new ornaments too.  And I always buy at least one bear ornament for J because he is my teddy bear!  ❤
Teddy bear and polar bear.
How do you like to decorate your tree?

Happy Redneck Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving was one of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

And it involved shotguns and clay pigeons.

A lot of talking smack.  That’s how we roll.

Everyone was laughing and joking and trying to one up each other.

But above all, safety first.

Welcome to (eastern) Idaho.

Can you spy all the red shells?

J’s uncle, J and J’s cousin at the clay pigeon shooter.
J’s bro (holding the shortgun), his nephew, and half of J. 
Me?  I’m more of a handgun girl, but I’d totally be up for learning to shoot clay pigeons.  J is an excellent shot and he says I’m not half bad. 
Serious business.
I’m a secret agent. 😉
After working up a good appetite being in the brisk, windy outdoors, it was time to feast

I always, always look forward to the stuffing the most.

There was ham.  With pineapple and amazing ham gravy.

J’s cousin and J’s dad.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had J’s mom’s sweet ham gravy. 

There was also turkey.  
J’s uncle.

After all, what is thanksgiving without turkey?

My plate: lots of stuffing, mashed potatoes with ham  gravy, ham, turkey, cranberry sauce, pineapple, broccoli salad, deviled egg, pumpkin roll, marshmallow salad, fresh veggies and a couple black olives.
J and I shared a dessert plate with pumpkin pie, apple pie, oreo pie, and pumpkin roll.  
Nothing like eating a Thanksgiving dinner and then sitting in the car for the 4 hour ride back home.  Oof.