Welcome to November

Boy, October was sort of a rough month.  Being busy tend to make me feel more productive (which I am) and have less time to procrastinate.  Really though, I’m not complaining.  I’m now past the hardest material in A&P and can breath a huge sigh of relief.  *SIGH*

I think fall might finally be descending upon southern Idaho.  I do love fall, even if that means winter follows.  I’m so sick of my summer clothes and it’s still been a little warm for fall clothes (even though I wear them anyways).

The best two things about fall are soups:

Anything made in the crockpot really.  Like this honey soy chicken I discovered on Pinterest.
  I especially like that it wasn’t overly sweet/saucy.
and boots:
Perhaps oatmeal might show its head once or twice when I get tired of 4 egg white + 1 egg omelets:
Broccoli + feta and toped with salsa. 
Hunter has been up to his usual antics: making sure I clean the house regularly.
But at least he’s a pro at balancing a treat on his nose.
I could learn a thing or two from him.
Novemeber Goals:

  • continue working toward an A in A&P (got a 96% on my last test!)
  • study a little each night/ practice skills learned in CNA class
  • clean at least 15 min per day 
  • don’t let clean laundry stack up– put it away!
  • balance weight day with cardio day (I’ve been slacking on cardio big time)
  • aim for 4x per week
  • eat at least 2 vegetable servings per meal
  • eat more protein (this does not come naturally to me, one I have to focus on or it doesn’t happen!)
Which brings me to this:  everyone knows at least one person who is so. damn. competitive. with. everyone.  It is so annoying to be around.  Stop it! 

Be the best you you can be!  Realize that you will never be anyone but yourself so appreciate the good traits you have!  Stop putting yourself down in front of others or when you are alone.  Lead by your confident example and stop following in someone else’s shadow. 
Proud to be me!
p.s. currently looking for guest posters!  Email me at meg (dot) bailey (at) rocketmail (dot) com for info!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to November

  1. i love fall because of boots too 🙂 i'm so sad now though because i just realized my favorite pair of boots needs to be fixed since i've worn the bottoms down so much!

  2. Congrats on rocking your A&P exam! Woo!I completely agree with you about soup and boots. Love love love both. The pumpkin cauliflower crock pot recipe sounds fab–I definitely want to try it! Your goals sound great; I definitely know the weights/cardio balance challenge, however I'm the opposite–I tend to do more cardio!Love you! xoxo

  3. I love what you pointed out about people being competitive. That's a perfect example of what I JUST wrote about with the girl that was trying to race me on the track at the gym. Eh, it is what it is.

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