Zits and Other Rambles

How is it already Wednesdsay!?! Bear with me if I’m not little miss sunshine today.  It’s been another exhausting week.  The kind where you lay in bed at night and can’t shut your brain off.  I don’t even work full time.  I’m a whiner.

Can we skip my October goals this week?  Yes?

If you are dying of curiosity:

Monday: pilates with the ball
Tuesday: brisk walk
Saturday: 3 1/2 hours of mowing the lawn (after putting it off for a month)

I have nothing more to say about that.  The end.  I have no food pictures this week, so I’ll entertain you with some recent pictures– including Hunter.

He is so serious. 

This was one of those weeks.  One where you feel like life is just dragging you along and all you do is hang on for dear life.  You go where you are supposed to but you feel like the days are just whizzing by.

Oh, and I am in the middle of learning a zillion bones and their landmarks as well as 50 muscles and their movements.  Only the second number is accurate.  It is interesting, except for the looming dread in the back of my mind that I’ll have to take a massive test on this in 2 weeks.  Whee!

How cute is this teapot?

So let’s talk about skin.  I actually just learned about skin in anatomy and how acne is a disorder of the sebaceous glands.  Somehow, knowing what causes breakouts isn’t comforting.  For a good two months now, I have had worse acne than when I was a teenager.

Nothing takes a hit to self confidence like bad skin.  Lovely, right?

Even worse is I’ve been getting those really deep, really big and painful cysts that take FOREVER and a day to even come to a head, and double that time to go away.  TMI?

Hopefully my skin clears before pigs fly.

I hope it’s finally clearing.  I’ve tried reducing the amount of dairy and peanuts (both are suspected to cause breakouts), washing my face morning and night (though I always do that), drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, eating clean(er) but I have a hunch it’s hormones.  Sigh.


This makes me feel oh, so Canadian.

I do have an announcement though.

While I finish up my prerequisites to apply for nursing school, I am starting CNA school this week.  It’s twice a week for 4 hours.  My teacher is the sweetest, sweetest older southern woman.  My classmates are quite the eclectic group, two are from Congo, my desk partner is from Bosnia and one is from Thailand.

This is a big step and I’m both nervous and excited.  Tuesday was my first class and if there is one thing I learned it was: you are the nurses’ gopher.  But I’m ok with that.  I can’t wait to start taking anyone’s blood pressure who will loan me their arm.


8 thoughts on “Zits and Other Rambles

  1. Congrats on starting CNA school this week! That's amazing! You'll do great!I've been struggling with my face lately, too. It's been horrible with the break outs….it's worse than when I was a teenager by a long shot!

  2. Oh Meg, I'm so excited that you're starting CNA school! Congrats! Your classes sound really diverse, which must make chatting during breaks fun.:-)Uggh, bummer about the acne…I've been pretty lucky most of my life (save for those awkward junior high years!), but occasionally a huge pimple will pop up smack in the middle of my nose! Of all places…geesh.Definitely let us know if the dairy and peanut-free diet helps!xoxoxo

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