Goin’ strong

Week 3 of September is already here!  Yikes!

In just a month, I’ll be tackling a new challenge and I can’t wait to tell you about it!  But for now, I’m plugging away at school.

And in case you’re wondering, I broke a mug today.  I’m sure by now you aren’t surprised.

I don’t have many food photos this week.  I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of repeats.  Especially sandwiches.  I had a bunch of errands to run Saturday, so I bribed myself with a sandwich from Jimmy John’s and promise of a new book.


For lunch today, I decided to save myself $7 and make an equally appetizing sandwich for lunch at home:

Egg salad (made with 1 egg +1 white, greek yogurt, mustard, onion powder, S&P) with smashed avocado, tomato, sprouts and spinach.

Plus a fuji apple on the side.

Check out what happened to my avocado pit!
Split right in half when I opened it up.  I am so easily amused.


Sunday: REST!
Monday: spin class
Tuesday: light cardio + whole body circuits
Wednesday: 6 am hot yoga (ahhh!  I almost died!  Can’t wait to go back!)
Thursday: hiking REST! I was quite.. sore from hot yoga the day before
Friday: REST!
Saturday: 2.5 mi run
I FINALLY tried hot yoga!  My dear friend Linzi agreed to get up at the crack of dawn 5 am to get to hot yoga at 6.  Having barely dabbled in non-hot yoga, the class was definitely a challenge. There were a few times where I got overwhelmed, but not sick, from the heat.  It felt really good to stretch and sweat buckets!  It felt so detoxifying.  Oh, and sweat kind of burns when it gets in your eyes.  Just sayin.
Post-hot yoga.  I look more scared than tired, but whatever.

In other news, we’ve been trying to teach Hunter to swim and each summer he gets a little bit better.  He used to be really scared to jump into the canal behind our house, and we would only throw sticks in the water because 8 times out of 10 he’d chicken out and we’d watch them float out of sight.

Considering he IS a golden retriever that is made for swimming (he has webbed paws!), it’s about time that he embraced the doggie paddle.  I hope you enjoy the two videos below!

And no, I do not talk in that pitch all the time, it’s my special “Hunter voice”.  Hee hee.

Click here if you can’t view the video.

Click here if you can’t view the video.

Something tells me he’ll be doing a lot of this later this afternoon…


8 thoughts on “Goin’ strong

  1. I can't believe how quickly September is flying by either…Crazy! Christmas is going to be here before we know it. :)Mmm I looove Jimmy Johns (you already knew that!)…but I have an even greater affection for egg salad. I think it's my favorite sandwich ever. So many people find it off-putting, but not this girl. I could eat one every day. :)Yay for Hunter learning how to swim! I loved listening to your vlog! It made me miss you though! xoxoxo ā¤

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