Broken things

Sigh, fall is almost here.  I plan on making the most out of the warm days that are left!

I’ve been feeling more klutzy than usual this week and it gets me a little frustrated when I’m constantly dropping, spilling and breaking things!

Considering how many times this has been dropped, I guess I had it coming.

Waaaahhhh!  😦 Rest in peace little guy!

I was really hoping to wait it out for the iPhone 5, but I didn’t want to pay $100 to replace the screen of my old phone.  It seemed to make more sense to just get a new phone all together.

Hello beautiful.  #iamsospoiled  Luckily, I’d backed up my phone on iTunes only a few days earlier, so I was able to restore everything to my new phone.

Goals: week 2

Sunday: rest
Monday: 3 hours of yard work *whew* Part of me will be glad when I don’t have to mow the lawn every week month.
Tuesday: full body circuits
Wednesday: body pump!
Thursday: full body circuits + abs
Friday: 2.5(ish) mile run (I felt so sluggish!)
Saturday: rest

Bonus!  I remembered my vitamins all week!  I think drinking water was a little lacking and it’s probably the culprit for feeling a little sluggish this week.  And by the way (TMI!) drinking water actually helps relieve bloating!

I baked some peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread this week.
I used this recipe.  I used half all purpose flour and half cake flour.  It made extra fluffy bread!

My new favorite snack is quickly becoming this:
plain greek yogurt + agave + banana slices.

One of my gal pals is an honest to goodness chef!  She had me over for dinner this week and prepared this gourmet sandwich:
Turkey steak, roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant with a roasted red pepper spread.  Mmmm…  I provided peaches and strawberries.  Win, win!


7 thoughts on “Broken things

  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment, and that mask rocks! U can read reviews on sephora about it too! I order mine from there : )And that bread looks delish! I see you are friends with my love Sara from nourish and flourish, she made some awesome pumpkin bread she posted about today!You are beautiful and your husband and you make a beautiful couple!!

  2. Woohoo for the WHITE iPhone! Now we're twins. 🙂 Bummer about yours breaking though…But hey, it was a perfect excuse to buy a new one. 🙂 Love the pink cover!Peanut butter banana chocolate chip bread sounds amazing!! Can we work on creating a GF version?Love you, girlie! xoxo

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