Some of you might have noticed that I removed the commenting system from my blog.  It seems that no matter how I do it, some people are having trouble commenting for which I apologize!  Some of you might also have landed on my WordPress account!  The rumors are true: I’m in the process of moving.  Wordpress is definitely more complicated than blogger so I’m still trying to figure everything out.  I am taking my time getting the new blog up and running so please have patience with me.  In the meantime, I will continue to blog here so I hope you hang around!

September is off to a great start!  I got 100% on my first class and lab quizzes, yay!  Tests make me ridiculously nervous to the point I can’t concentrate and I make dumb mistakes i.e. I know the answer is “b” but I become temporary dyslexic and mark “d”.  So frustrating!



As I mentioned, exercise has been a great stress reliever and this week I have felt so strong!  Let’s see how I did the first week (I know it dips into the end of August, but that’s ok.):
Sunday: rest
Monday: warm up cardio + legs circuits
Tuesday: 3 mile run/walk
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: warm up cardio + arms circuits
Friday: corefit (1/2 hour ab workout) + body pump
Saturday: 4.36 mile run

********Hold the Phone********

4.36 MILES?!?  Oh, no big deal.  

Often I run/walk about 2 miles and feel pretty tired afterwards.  I haven’t ran anywhere near 4 miles in at least 2 years!  I think it helped that I was 1) running in the shade the whole time 2) running with a buddy and we had lots to chat about.  I never knew I had it in me!   Perhaps there might be a 2nd 10k in my future?

Hunter stayed at home for this run. But I forced him to take a celebratory picture with me.


As far as clean eating, I can’t believe how great I feel!  I can’t say I ate perfectly clean, but perfection isn’t what I’m aiming for.  I’m aiming for better nutrition and moderation!

Tuna + cottage cheese + ranch seasoning with celery for scooping.

Broccoli bowl a la Stefanie!  Broccoli, carrots, corn, buschetta boca burger, marinara, parmesan.

Salmon burger + ketchup, half a sweet potato + drizzle of agave, apple + pb.

My sweet tooth is my biggest challenge, so I’ve been eating a lot of berries and apples to keep it in check.  After a few days, fruit tastes MUCH sweeter and more enjoyable!

This is quickly becoming a favorite quick smoothie:

1 c. vanilla almond milk
spoonful peanut butter
half a very ripe banana

Even Hunter wants in on this.

Check back soon for a real recipe!

And feel free to congratulate me on my excellent run. šŸ˜‰


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