5 Things Tuesday

This week is off to a great start!  I’ve actually been getting 8 hours of sleep a night which makes me hyper all day long.

5 things I am loving

  • circuits! I can’t believe I used to barely lift weights.  I did a lot of pilates and cardio.  Why?  Because I really didn’t know how.  I started using a Jackie Warner DVD, doing weights with Jeremy, then taking body pump and doing circuits with friends.  
  • my Sunday school 3 year olds.  While 2 hours with them may feel like a circus, they are so hilarious!  It’s fun to watch them grow.
  • instagram + color splash.  Makes me feel like a pro!
  • muscle milk light in peanut butter chocolate.  I kind of go back and forth on protein powder, but they help me curb my sweet tooth while giving me a protein boost
  • The Shack.  This is such an interesting read.  It’s about a man who loses his daughter in a horrible kidnapping/murder and he goes back to the place she was believed to have been murdered and finds God there.  Whether you are religious or not, it is a read that will make you think, make you question and make you expand your conceptions about God and how he (in the book he’s a she!) views/affects mankind.

5 new things I am doing

  • running!  kinda.  I’ve had a lot of issues in the past with re-occuring ankle discomfort from a sprain in high school.  Surprisingly to me, strength training has really improved my weak ankle.  I’m getting to run the Women’s Fitness Celebration 5k in September!
  • nutritional yeast.  I just bought some yesterday.  It was something I thought I’d never try because of lack of interest.  Never say never!
  • recipes.  I have too many recipes bookmarked and starred in google reader that I’ve not tackled.  I’m hoping to start trying a new one every week!
  • setting goals.  I’m completely the type B personality who’s happy to go with the flow.  Starting in September, I’m holding myself more accountable!
  • clean eating.  I’ve challenged myself for a week to cut out refined sugar, refined carbs and processed foods.  Not once have I felt deprived or hungry.  
Tuna and cottage cheese mixed with ranch seasoning (yummmm!) a la Janetha on spinach and wheat toast.

Any suggestions for nutritional yeast?  (I hate calling it “nooch”!  It just sounds gross… like “moist”.)  

What’s something new you are doing/loving? 


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