Kitchen Diaries

Hello, accidental blog vacation!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer as I have.  The camera has been largely neglected, save for pictures of good food that I have (mostly) made.

What have I been doing all July?

-enjoying fireworks from July 4th
-playing tennis (don’t get the wrong idea– my had eye coordination is sub-par) and getting a good workout!
-waking up early to swim at the gym pool with my hubbs
-waking up early to attend my favorite 6 am body pump
-tubing the Boise river
-well on my way to achieve the goal I set in January to exercise 5 days a week
-enjoying the sun
-eating copious amounts of blueberries, strawberries and cherries
-completing the HUGE project of turning our garage from a storage space into an actual usable garage

Yeah.  And making tasty food.  We even had our good friends over for taco night!  While I didn’t take a single photo, rest assured there was quite the spread of both ground beef AND fish tacos.

But for the food I did document:

Maple syrup roasted chicken.   SO simple.  You need:

1 whole chicken, washed, patted dry, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper
baby carrrots
maple syrup

Spray your roasting pan, add carrots to the bottom and roast for 30 minutes breast side down.  Flip your bird over and GENEROUSLY coat with maple syrup.  Bake for about 55 minutes (depending on your altitude) then remove and cover with tin foil for at least another 10 minutes.

I should have checked my carrots a little more carefully since they got a little… blackened overdone, but I ate them anyway and they were delicious.

Teriaki-pineapple broiled salmon with roasted zucchini and broccoli.  (This was the first time I tried roasted broccoli and it was NOT my thing.  I’ll stick to steamed from now on.)

Curry chicken salad

Throw in a bowl and mix:
4 tbs mayo or greek yogurt (I did half and half)
2 tsp curry
1 c. cooked chicken (I used canned)
1-2 tbs dried cranberries or rasins
1 tbs sliced almonds
s & p to taste

We did enjoy a tasty (and cheap! they let you order half portions) lunch at Ono Cafe (if you live in Boise GOOOO already!)

I had the roasted pig with coconut rice and stir fried vegetables.

On July 4th, we enjoyed a rather patriotic breakfast of strawberry blueberry pancakes.

Eggs and toast should always be accompanied with a side of beets.

As should homemade hamburgers and potato wedges.

Chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries… just because it’s summer and I love my husband.

Tart frozen yogurt with berries always completes a satisfying meal.

Best of all, I finally joined a produce co-op!

Look at all I got for $15!!

2 mangoes
8 bananas
12 plums
6 nectarines
1 golden melon
3 tomatoes
pack of baby carrots
head of lettuce
head of cauliflower
purple kale
green onions

No excuses for not to eating my veggies!