Oh, Hello Humidity

Ok, I’m gonna whine.  I did not grow up in the humidity.  Two weeks in Alabama during the summer doesn’t count.  I guaranteed I complained, sweated and sweated some more.  You’d think I would eventually grow gills, but it didn’t happen.

When we first got to Houston, the humidity was fairly tolerable.  Even for a wimp like me.  Then the end of the week came and the air became thick.  We’re talking, take a step outside and your sunglasses fog.


Anyone know what these trees are?  They’re everywhere.

Anyways, for dinner one night, we decided we ought to visit Texas Road house in Texas.  We found it amusing (I’m easily amused) plus they have good ribs.  So we shared a full rack of ribs.


Yum, yum.  I could eat ribs everyday.  And crab legs.

But first, fried pickles for an appetizer.  Cheers to you Xtina!!

I gotta say, these were dissappointing.  Too sour and too greasy.  Smashburger still has the best ones I’ve had.

We also visited a Chick-fil-a, which was my first time.
Delectable.  Also, that lemonade packs a punch!  More sour than sweet, just how I like it (and just how I am!)

A little dessert… almond chocolate ice cream bar.


Seeing as how the lows here are still higher than the highs back home, I’d forgotten how refreshing ice cream is on a hot day.

No visit to Texas is complete without having Mexican food… several times.

Here was our first visit to a place called Taquiera Arnandas.

We snacked on chips and salsa and green sauce (?).


We ordered beef fajitas for two:

Heaven.  And again, Jeremy volunteered to snap some photos.  (p.s. like my disco shirt?  It’s like a party in the car with the light reflecting off it!).

What I’ve Learned In Texas Thus Far:

1. People do NOT drive the speed limit here.  They either drive 20 mph over or 20 mph under.

2.  People are aggressive drivers.  They’ll drive inches behind you, cut you off, come barreling down the road behind you.  It’s a rat race!

3.  GPS helps find the mall

4.  The Woodlands mall has a Sephora.  Score!

5.  I miss Hunter.

Hope he’s having fun without me…

6.  Our rental car is like driving a golf cart.  Every tiny pebble in the road was a bump.  Unfortunately the gas mileage sucked (it was a Chevy Aveo) so we traded it in for a Huydai Elantra.  Fingers crossed!

7. Country music just sounds better in the south!


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