So this is Houston

Thank you for all the well wishes for Hunter!  He continues to be on the mend being his usual happy, spunky self.

Everything about flying makes me crack up.  We get to our gate at the airport in Boise and the guy announcing the boarding was totally on a power trip.

He called for pre-boarding.  Two people moved.  Wait 5 minutes.

He called for first class and families with small children.  One person moved.  Wait 5 minutes.

The rest of the plane is just standing there.  Waiting.  I start to giggle a little.

He calls for “zone one”.  Wait 5 minutes.  No one moves.

He calls for “zone two”.  A couple of people board.  Everyone else is still standing there.


He says “I’d like to continue boarding for zones….. one….. aaaaand…….. two.”

I can’t help it, I crack up.  I look over at Jeremy who is obviously getting annoyed at this guy.  I just laugh and laugh at the irony of it all.

Finally he calls “zone three” (basically everyone who’s been waiting this whole time) and we board the plane.  I’m still chuckling, because, what else could you do?

Think of Meet the Parents when the lady waits and waits to call the Ben Stiller’s character (the only one waiting) on board.

And then, there were the two ladies across the aisle that fought over the window seat.  I tried to stifle my amusement on that one.

Then there was the plane from SLC to Houston.  This makes me feel safe:
“Just slap a little duct tape on that…”

The good news was we were the first row behind first class and had TONS of leg room.  Not that at 5’4″ I really need leg room, but my husband appreciates it.


I’ve never been to Texas before.  Unless you count the Dallas airport, which I don’t.

But I’ve always wanted to go.  It makes me think of big, blonde hair, nice tans and lots of sparkles.  It’s amusing how we have misconceptions about other parts of our own country.  For example, I met some kids from Alaska and I was actually shocked they did not live in igloos. Ok, so that was back in high school, but you know what I mean.

The only place in the south I’ve visited is Alabama because I have family there.  In fact, Houston makes me miss them a little.

Things I’ve learned about Texas thus far:

1. Everything really is bigger.  The schools, the roads, the restaurants, the churches!! there’s one one every block and they are all mammoth sized.  I stared in awe.

2. Blue Bell ice cream is the best ever.

3. It’s HOT here.  Not quite as suffocating humidity wise thank goodness.  I was not born with gills.  Let me put it this way: when I left Boise, it was maybe getting to 70*.  The low at night in Houston is at least 80*.  Yowza!

4.  I’ve finally visited a Kroger.

5.  People drive a little crazier, but at least they let you in.  (People in Boise are notoriously bad at letting you in, at least in my experience).  They also have Texas U-turns under every highway.  Interesting.

6.  Rental car GPS: 9.99 per day.  We opted out.  GPS app for iPhone: 2.99 for 30 days.  Win!

7. GPS is a marriage saver.

8.  Even though the heat is stifling outside, I still have to carry a jacket so I don’t freeze in the a/c inside places.

Houston downtown.

A church in Galveston.

The day after we arrived, we decided to make the hour and a half drive down to Galveston to hang out on the beach and relax.  Ohhh, was it relaxing.  I think I’d like to move there.  Though the hurricanes make me think twice.


After a few hours of soaking up the sun on the beach, our tummies were grumbling and we drove into town to find something to eat.  When at the beach, eat seafood!  We settled with Joe’s Crab Shack, even though we have one back home, we knew it would be good and we LOVE crab legs.


I’ve totally influenced Jeremy to take pictures of his food.  He took this one.

And this one.  Try not to giggle…

I made sure not to eat too much and we got a take home box…. which I promptly left at the restaurant.  We didn’t notice until we were all the way back to the hotel.  So sad… 😦

Do you like seafood?  If so, what’s your favorite?  For me it’s crab, crab and shrimp.

How do you pass the time on car rides?  I talk, listen to the radio, or sing goofy songs like “there once was an old lady who swallowed a spider”.  

p.s.  I’m trying a new comment widget… hopefully this one works a little easier!


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