Hunter took a tumble…

So there we were:

Hunter loves to take car truck rides in the back of the truck.  So it wasn’t unusual that we loaded him up in the back to drive oh maybe 2 or 3 miles to pick up our lawn mower from the repair shop.


As we were driving home, the lawn mower rolled towards him and it spooked him and out he jumped!

I looked in the bed and realized he was not there and just lost it.  My poor husband is trying to find Hunter (the road we were on is moderately busy) while dealing with an inconsolable wife.

We didn’t see him IN the road, which was a good sign he hadn’t gotten hit but we didn’t see him ANYWHERE.  It was at this time, I was thankful we had gotten him “chipped” (they actually implant a computer chip in the dog so that you can locate him by… GPS?  satellite? not really sure, but the important part is it helps to find a lost animal)

Jeremy turned the truck around and we searched along the side of the road where we had been.  He then got out and had me drive up the other side of the road while he searched on foot.

I got into the truck, pulled it back onto the road –just barely keeping from hysteria– and drove up the other side, searching.  After several yards, I didn’t feel safe driving, so I pulled over and got out to start searching on foot as well.  I only made it a few feet before I just stood on the sidewalk of the busy road in complete meltdown.

When I looked up, I saw Jeremy, holding Hunter’s collar and coming back towards the truck.  This only made me break in to fresh hysterics of relief and it was apparent that Hunter was ok.

His paws were bleeding where he had split open some of his claws, but he seemed to be ok and most importantly, it was quite apparent that nothing was broken.

By the grace of God, another couple had seen Hunter bail out and had guided him to safety in a parking lot where Jeremy found them.  My hubby is my hero.  ❤

When we got home, Hunter was a little quiet and not exactly his overly exuberant self.  He was in shock I’m sure but he was still wagging his tail and eating/drinking so we figured he was probably in a little pain.  That dog never complains.  We hosed as much blood off him as we could and he settled onto a blanket in the kitchen.


He has a gash on the inside of his back left leg.


And a couple of nicks here and there.

Thankfully, he’s pretty much returned to his normal self.  I’m so thankful he came out of this ok, I was so scared!

Oh, and by the way… he got a summer haircut!


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