Last week was SO busy!  Between finals and other obligations, I barely had any time to spare.  I have to say I enjoyed the business and found myself being quite productive!

Monday: Math final part 1 (my final was too long for the class time so we had to split it into 2 days)

Tuesday: studying all day for math and A&P *sigh*

Wednesday: A&P and math final

Thursday: chasing around town running errands, including picking up my book and face mask for my CPR class, plus babysitting my friend’s son.

Friday: CPR class all day.  Luckily we got out 2 hours early and I am now certified!  This isn’t the first time I’ve done a CPR course, but the last one was several years ago in highschool, so the AHA had made some changes.  Also, I was doggie sitting over the weekend for a friend of mine.  Hunter was more than happy to have someone to play with!

Ta-dahh!  My very first blog video!

Saturday: spent much of the day cleaning house, doing laundry, changing the sheets, scrubbing down the kitchen while I got the lawn mowed.  It had gotten SO long (thanks to my mower being in the repair shop)  I also started planting flowers in the yard.  Still have plenty more to do but since our house is so new, it takes a while to sort out all the rocks and mix in potting soil before I can even think about planting.

Can I just add this?  The weather last week was gorgeous.  Sunshiney and 80 all week.  This week? Rain. That’s just how spring is here, you think it’s finally warming up and then is rains.  Oh well.

I’ve been working pretty hard on my late night snacking habit and I think I’ve only slipped up twice since I started focusing more on preventing it.  Getting enough protein is still tough, but it really seems to make a difference.

I also ran the race for the cure on May 7, and took Hunter along for the experience!

We met up with Linzi, who I’d done a couple of training runs with.

I even got a few pink extensions for the occasion!

We were given these stickers to wear under our eyes to prevent glare, but they were so itchy and uncomfortable, we took them off for the race.  I probably should get a hat for running one of these days…

 Let me tell you, running a race with Hunter was hilarious.  He was a little confused about what was going on with all these people running around him and practically dragged me the first 2 miles.  I think he’d worn himself out after that, because he insisted on walking most of the last mile.  I probably could have gotten a new personal best had I ran the last mile, but I didn’t want Hunter to get injured.  Spectators were cheering him on, which of course he loved.

But we still finished within 35 minutes and I was one proud doggie mama!


4 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Look at you getting stuff done! Good for you. I always used to bake when I was finished finals. That was after I turned three cartwheels on campus, literally after I walked out of my last final. Good for you and enjoy Spring!!! 

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