Happy 100th Post!

Well, well, well… this is my 100th post!  

I hope you like my updated blog.  I’ve had fun tweaking it the last few days and it’s finally complete!


What better way to celebrate than with some of my favorites…. and perhaps a giveaway??

Favorite breakfast as of late:

spinach, green pepper, feta and mushroom omelet with salsa and toast with apricot pineapple preserves.

Favorite pet:

Ok, this is really just an excuse to post a picture of Hunter.

Favorite comfort food:

LOVE yellow curry!!  This has chicken, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and onions.  I could eat this every single night.  I really wish I could make this dish but am a little afraid to try to recreate it.

I get it with a cucumber salad and “golden bags” basically crab and cheese deef fried in wontons, with sweet chili sauce.


I have been on a 3 going on 4 year quest: you see, ever since Jeremy and I got married I have tried and failed to make chocolate chip cookies that don’t go pancake flat.

I’ve finally succeded.  Finally.

Eat, Live, Run’s favorite recipe.  It’s easy to see why!!

After waiting a long time, I finally tried spinning!  This is my new favorite class, upsetting BodyPump.  It’s so much fun!  Despite a sore hiney for a few days afterwards.  *Ow*

At least I’m used to the same sensation from dirtbiking.  I miss it.  When’s spring?

Anyways, I recently discovered another local blogger Linzi and it turns out we go to the same gym so I decided to join in on this stationary bike riding madness!  Thanks for getting crazy with me, Linzi!!

Nice and schweaty!  Can’t wait until next Monday to go again! πŸ™‚

Speaking of muscle soreness, I have a secret weapon.  And I’m not only going to tell you what it is, I’m giving it away!  I’ve been using these for over a year now and they are a welcome relief to sore muscles.

Muscle Soak Bath Salts
Epsom salts infused with essential oils Eucalyptus and Peppermint.  Soothe and revive tired and aching muscles to bring your stiff, overworked body back to life.  

One lucky reader will win a 16 oz. jar of the muscle soak salts from San Francisco Bath Salt Company!  If you’re in the San Francisco area, they also have a flagship store at Pier 39!

This giveaway is 100% funded by me as a special thank you for just coming along for the ride of my blog!  I just love this company and their products. 

Here’s up to three ways to enter:
     -Leave a comment telling me what your favorite workout or comfort food is.
     -Mention the giveaway on your blog
     -Follow me on twitter and leave me a comment!

I’ll draw a winner April 14th.  Good luck everyone!  πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Happy 100th Post!

  1. Happy 100th! I have no idea what number post I'm on, but if i got over 100 its a miracle.I'm gonna go with comfort food over workout because my leg shutters when the word "work out" is mentioned. My favorite comfort food is ice cream. Smooth, cold, creamy, and it doens't make noise while your watching a movie.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post. What an accomplishment! My favorite comfort food is any sord of bread or muffin straight from the oven with a cup of tea!

  3. Happy 100!!! So exciting girlieee!! And yes, spinning was awesome! So glad you liked it. We shall do it again! Oh, and I just found you on twitter. And… I think we should have our indian night sometime…i just made the most delicious curry dish the other night. It was super easy and soooo good. Let me know if you are down!! πŸ™‚

  4. I gotta say I love your blog.. I feel like I get to keep up even if I just check it while doing homework.. favorite comfort food lately is Kettle Corn.. well and gummy bears

  5. Wooo!! 100th post! Congrats!My favorite comfort foods: macaroni and cheese (or anything with loads of cheese), peanut butter (straight from the jar) and really creamy frozen yogurt. If I'm lucky enough to eat all three in one day, I'm one happy girl.:-)Favorite workout: HIIT on the treadmill. It's so invigorating!I'm going to be home in late June/early July! Will you be around?

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