I Love My Body

Please note the title does not say My Body Is Perfect.   I don’t think that at all.  But you know what?  My body isn’t airbrushed.  Anyone can have the perfect airbrushed body. 😉  Sure, there are still things that bother me about my body: my butt, my hips, my boobs (really, lack there of) just to name a few.   But they don’t bother me the way they used to.

Blogging affected me more than I expected.  I know it sounds cheesy but it really has changed my perspective on body image, exercise, weight and eating habits for the better.

Two summers ago, I got to a point where I was desperate to lose “the last 5 pounds”.  I was convinced that if I lost just 5 more that I’d be happier.  Please note that I was in no way underweight, but still within a healthy, normal weight.   Still, it sounds ridiculous now.  I actually turned to using diet pills, thinking that surely they’d be the “magic pill”.  All they really did was make me feel like I was on crack.  I’m assuming because of all the stimulants they contain, they made me feel jittery, paranoid and emotional.  I decided it was just not worth it.
I am a total whitey.  This is tan for me.  That’s ok too. 😉
Then there was a point where I considered plastic surgery.  Please, please, please know that I am not putting down or judging anyone who has opted to have it.  Everyone has to choose what is best for themselves, and I respect those decisions.  I hated my 34A cup.  I used to get hopeful when the salesgirl at Victoria’s Secret would ask me if I wanted to be measured.  Now, when they ask me, I just laugh and say I haven’t changed since 8th grade.  I’ve decided that I’m happy to be the size that I am.  Thank goodness for the push up bra. 😉  Perhaps a part of being happier with my weight is that when I weigh less, my chest is the first thing to go.  Plus, the twins don’t get in the way of running… or dirtbiking.

I have learned to love my body more.  It is an amazing machine and I appreciate that it works well and that it is healthy.   Tina wrote “I’d rather look like I work for my body than starve for it.”  That really struck me.  I do work for my body and I work to enjoy the things in life.  I’ve also learned to stop comparing.  My body is not like anyone else’s and that’s ok!

I’ve learned that variety is crucial for me to stay active and enjoy exercise.  Being on the treadmill for an hour isn’t any more effective than bouncing around to different cardio machines for 15 minutes a piece.  Working out 30-45 minutes a day is probably a better habit than trying to get in 2 hours once or twice a week.  Sure, some days I have to give myself a pep talk to get moving.  On those days, I know in the back of my mind that regular exercise makes me feel good.

I feel like I’ve found a happy place with exercise, allowing variety and easy days.  As laid back of a person that I am, I realized I am really hard on myself.  And I’m totally ADD.   If I want to take Hunter for a walk, I do. If I decide at midnight I feel like doing yoga, I do and call it a day.  I actually enjoy choosing the variety in my exercise regimen.  It’s hard getting back into a regular habit but when I make it easier to start the habit, then I can build from there.

I eat what I want.  I’ve never been they type to restrict myself or to follow a food plan.  Lucky for me, making healthy choices was instilled in me as a young kid thanks to my mom who taught us to eat healthy.  Through that, I was able to learn that sweets and junk food were treats and were not eaten every day.  Sometimes I still eat too much sugar and sometimes not enough vegetables.  But just because I ate sugar all afternoon doesn’t mean my day is “lost”.  I can still cook myself a balanced and healthy dinner and life can go on.

I guess what all of this is saying is that the thing that needed to be changed the most was my attitude.

What has blogging changed your attitude about?


22 thoughts on “I Love My Body

  1. MEG, i absolutely loved reading this. it made me smile so much! the way you view yourself is so healthy and fabulous. and, above all, spot on! i dont think blogging changed my attitude about my body, but my attitude HAS changed over the past couple years. a lot of it just has to do with growing up, getting married and focusing on things that matter and forgetting about things that really don't.. like if a certain pair of jeans fit. but, to answer your question, blogging has really changed me for the better because i have met (in person and online) so many inspiring ladies! you included 🙂

  2. Blogging affected me in all the same ways. Except, I did get plastic surgery back in the day (its been 4 years now since my surgery). If I had the same self confidence I do now back then, I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten them. That being sad, I do like them. But like ou said—they are a pain when its time to run!

  3. Beutifully and thoughfully written, Meg!Blogging COMPLETELY changed my philosophies about my body, food, eating, faith, the quest for a "perfect" weight etc etc. It's the best thing that happened to me in 2010, and I'm excited to learn even more from, and be part of, such a compassionate, supportive and insightful group of people in 2011! Reading blogs often breeds comparison, but like you, it taught me NOT to compare myself to others. As long as we treat ourselves with respect (physically and emotionally), our bodies will find a "happy place." And that place is different for everyone! Love you!

  4. That was definitely an amazing post, Meg!I can't stop smiling :DI love to hear people way they love themselves. It's what everyone should do!Way to go, girl 🙂

  5. Meg this was a fantastic post! It's so nice to hear some positivity come from blogging (in light of the some other accusations a while back *cough* Marie Claire *cough* haha) I'm still working on loving my barely there chest but Vicky's Secret sure helps 🙂

  6. Love it! You should love your body because you're beautiful!Blogging has helped me learn that health is more than a number on a scale. I still have days where I struggle with weight related issues but no where near as often.

  7. Thanks for being so honest Meg. Body issues confront a lot of women and a lot of us don't say anything. I'm happy you are active. I'm happy you eat, and hopefully indulge sometimes. I had to laugh to myself though when I thought "just wait until you've had a handful of kids!" It will do all kinds of things to your body. The bust will definately increase and head south and well…I'll just let it happen and let you enjoy your body how it is now. I'm definately not how I was before kids though. As long as I'm active and strong I'm happy and then I just turn the rest over to being a mom, a little trade off with big paybacks.I can pretty much guarantee you that your husband is ridiculously in love with you and your entire body. You are beautiful Meg!

  8. This is a wonderful post!I feel the same way. I think I am finally at a point where I look at my body and instead of seeing my flaws (and believe me, I have them), I see all the amazing things that make me unique.Yay for body peace!

  9. hey thanks for commenting on my blog!!! i really love this post of yours. it is so inspirational, thoughtful, and honest, and i admire your attitude a lot!!! i think beauty has to do a lot with confidence and acceptance and you totally have all those things, girl! you are radiant!

  10. This is most definitely my favorite post of yours! It's so personal and real! It provides SUCH a strong message to your readers about self-acceptance and self-love. I have been plagued most of my life with hating who I was. I am finally at the point where (through blogging) I have been better able to truly believe in myself and love who I am! While I stil have my days, those are coming less and less! thanks for sharing this message!

  11. This was a stunning post, really. 🙂 I'm so glad blogging's been able to change how you view your body because it's so spectacular! All of ours are..and that "airbrushed perfect" body isn't perfect at all. What makes our bodies perfect is strength and health. No matter what size or how many scars they may have.Blogging's changed my attitude about food and fitness. It's opened my eyes to so many new foods and I've set new fitness goals that I probably NEVER would have without blogging. It's done so much more for me, of course..but those are the two biggies.

  12. This is AWESOME!!! Glad you're in a better place 🙂 And if you want to say how white you are, you're more than welcome to come stand next to me to see that you actually are tan haha 🙂

  13. That was definitely an amazing post, Meg!I can't stop smiling :DI love to hear people way they love themselves. It's what everyone should do!Way to go, girl 🙂

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