Gone Bananas

Before I actually get all bananas on you, let’s talk serious.  Just for a moment.

Today is Veterans’ Day so I wanted to take a moment to recognize my hubby, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan

Love you honey!

I would say that bananas are one of my favorite fruits, partially because they are cheap and quick. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I ate 3 bananas yesterday.  Boosting up on the potassium!

Banana #1
Green smoothie.  I hadn’t had one of these in a few weeks, so refreshing and energy boosting!

At lunch I ate some leftover Shrimp Lo Mein P.F. Chang’s frozen entree.  This is hardly worth mentioning.  Eating it, it tasted good but soon after, it was sitting like a rock in my stomach.  I don’t know why I didn’t learn my lesson the night before.

Banana #2
Half eaten, half on Bee’s Knees peanut butter toast.

Dinner was a MUCH better success.  I had booked a recipe over at Healthy Apron for a Healthy Chicken Tamale Casserole.

It is unbelievably delicious, quick and easy to prepare.  I’m looking forward to these left overs!

Banana #3 was layered with homemade vanilla pudding.

Have you ever had homemade vanilla pudding?  It blows JELL-O out of the water.

The recipe is a bit tricky.  In fact, I tried making this once before, burned the bottom and swore it off forever.  Last night, my craving won out and I went on to conquer it!

I was a pretty lucky kid to grow up with a health conscious mom who was diligent in making sure we ate plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains (white bread? what’s that?) and lean proteins.  Both my mom and dad are talented at cooking and baking.  My mom makes the best stroganoff and my dad makes potato rolls (a recipe from his mom) that no other roll can hold a candle to.

Sweets were usually saved for Sundays only.  I remember once in a while my mom would make vanilla pudding.  So when I made this, I wanted it to be as close to my mom’s as possible.  Which means the only healthy thing in it was the skim milk.

Vanilla Pudding
(from Cooks.com)

3/4 c. sugar
2 TBS corn starch
1/4 TSP. salt
2 c. milk
1 well beaten egg
2 TBS butter
1 TSP vanilla ( I added just a smidge more for a stronger vanilla flavor)

1. In a saucepan, blend sugar, cornstarch and salt.

2. Add milk and cook over medium heat.  Stir consistently over medium heat until thickened and bubbly. (this is definitely not a recipe you can multitask while making!)  Or in my case, it got a little too hot and starting boiling up!  That’s ok, take it off the heat for a minute and turn the heat down a bit.

3. Cook and stir 2 minutes more.  Remove from heat.  Stir a small amount of the hot mixture into the beaten egg.  (I added about 2 ladles, one at a time)  This helps the egg cook evenly and not get clumpy.

4. Return to medium heat, cook and stir about 2 more minutes.  At this point, it should be producing thick bubbles when you stop stirring (only stop for a few moments!).  Remove from heat and add butter and vanilla.  It will thicken a little more as it cools.

As long as you have everything set out ahead of time, read through the directions a few times and stir constantly, you can do this!

Sweet, warm, comfort food.  Just like a hug from mom. 

What is your favorite comfort food?


6 thoughts on “Gone Bananas

  1. That chicken tamale casserole IS delicious! I've made it several times and love it more each time.Mmm…HOMEMADE pudding! Never had it, but would love to try your recipe!Favorite comfort food: I have a few, but cheese enchiladas are near the top of the list. Growing up in California, they were a staple!

  2. The chicken tamale casserole looks delightful!!! I told my husband we are detoxing the kids; I'm sick of buying "kid" foods because i'm worried they won't eat anything else, if they are hungry, they will eat what i buy. We are also done with all fast food. I like your idea of one sweet a week, so I may have to adopt this idea :)Jenhttp://jenslosinit.blogspot.com/

  3. I love pudding 🙂 not sure about banana pudding though… that's one thing I've never warmed p to. Well, that and mushrooms (guess I'm still a 5 year old at heart!)

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