Apparently, I’ve been bitten by the craft bug.
Remember this?
Truth is, I’ve always been artistic. I have a stack of carefully arranged paintings sitting in a box hoping to get a frame someday. I’m not sure why/when I let it fall to the wayside. I think part of it was that I didn’t have the time. Part was I have lots of creative friends and started to think that I wasn’t as good at it as they were (now how silly was I?). Perhaps I didn’t have the money or the space or the inspiration.
But if there’s any season that is bursting of inspiration, it would be fall. And so I present to you my house: fall-iffied.
I didn’t make this one, I just bought it.
I put together the rest below.
Just call me Martha Stewart. Minus the jail time.
And on a random note, I saw someone get arrested at CostCo the other day. She was walking out pretty cooperatively with her hands in cuffs behind her back. Now that makes me wonder: what was she getting arrested for? Shoplifting? Now where exactly do you expect to hide a 4 pack of cereal and get away with it? Guess I’ll never know.
Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “Fall-iffied

  1. Wow!!!! Beautiful work!!! Great job šŸ™‚ LOL @ the lady getting arrested at Costco, maybe she was trying to steal some jewelry or wine or something. Jenhttp://jenslosinit.blogspot.com/

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