A New Member of the Family

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about my last post. Yes, I suppose Jeremy and I are quite adorable. We’ve really been having a blast. Jeremy loves that I take pictures of most of my food and is always saying, hey you should take a picture of this. The other day he said, “maybe someday I’ll start my own blog…” So proud.

We’ve been quite the busy bees around here. We built and bought our home back in December and have been making it a home room by room.
Our latest finds include:
This beautiful armiore. We bought it at a clearance center and got it for about 60% off the original price!
This floor lamp. Thank YOU Cost Co. (Those drapes my mom and I made.)
And a mirror. Before you think I’m clever enough to take a picture of the mirror with the armiore reflected in it, think again. This was a pure fluke. Cool, nonetheless.
Oh yeah, and we bought for me…
A new car!!! It’s a Ford Focus. Fully loaded with all sorts of buttons, and SYNC (like you’ve seen in the commercials) so you connect your phone with the car and you can hear your phone call through the car speakers. It’s cool and very confusing. It will take me a long time to figure out how to use everything. But I am so loving it. My last car didn’t even have A/C.
I decided that baking cookies were the appropriate celebration. Particularly Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Make these immediately.
Well, at least read the recipe.
You freakin’ brown the butter. You know that makes them perfect.
Now, wipe all that drool of your keyboard.
Take a look at this mushroom and spinach omelette. Topped with cheddar and blue cheese.
In case you’re wondering, I am getting tired of eating out. Vacation is tough, but someone’s gotta do it. 😉
We went to Tucano’s. This place is so cool. They roast all kinds of meat from chicken to pork to beef and vegetables and pineapple (my favorite), then bring them to your table and cut off a slice for you right there. If you’ve never been to a place like this, the concept is a little weird, but seriously, it’s so much fun.
Check out my salad I made from their impressive salad bar.
Romaine, red cabbage, carrot, beets, boiled egg, sunflower seeds, garbonzo beans, and black olives. Topped with Italian dressing.
I also had some a slice of salami, some kind of creamy, delicious cheese, broccoli salad, cottage cheese and a sort of cold tortellini salad. All quite tasty. I conquered this plate.
Dessert was nice and light. Melon and strawberry fruit salad sprinkled with coconut and deep fried bananas. Oh, those bananas are heaven.
Tonight, I made steak in the broiler and Smashed Potatoes. Have you made these yet? They take a little bit of time, but boy are they good.
After letting my food settle for about an hour, I went for a run/walk with Hunter. We had some rain earlier, so it was almost cool but it was a beautiful evening for a run. I love the smell of fresh rain! Aaand, I made it to the next level of Nike +. Which means, since March, I have run 52 km. Pretty cool!

What’s you’re guilty indulgence?

What’s your recent fitness accomplishment or goal?

10 thoughts on “A New Member of the Family

  1. Meg, I have made the potatoes quite a few times. We love them! When I make them, I will boil extra potatoes, enough for a second batch, keep them in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator, and then just heat up a little in the microwave and continue the steps from mashing on. Was considering having them for dinner tonight.

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