Hanging with the Hubby

Hey everybody! I’ve gotten a little sidetracked from the blog world. I’ve been reading some, but not much commenting! My hub-bub is on vacation so we’ve been playing!

On a random note, here’s Hunter pretending to be a chicken. This dog is a crack-up!
Tuesday morning, we woke up early. 8 am qualifies as early right? I rarely make interesting breakfasts when he’s working, so we made it special with whole wheat pancakes loaded with fresh blueberries, potatoes, eggs and fresh strawberries.
Here’s my plate.
Playing with my food!
Hey, who isn’t a little goofy in the morning? Hee.
Then we went furniture hunting and we were able to snag an awesome armoire for and a mirror for our bedroom. I love that I’m at the age where furniture buying is exciting. A friend of mine said to me “You know you’ve arrived, when you buy furniture that doesn’t have to be assembled.” How true!
Later that day, we happened to be near the Great Harvest and I said we had to drop in. We left with these beauties:
A loaf of asiago sourdough. Normally I don’t like sourdough, but this was very mild and very tasty! Also a loaf of cinnamon burst bread. I can’t make to make French toast with it!
We were so full from breakfast that we skipped over lunch and had dinner later in the evening at one of my favorite restaurants, Goodwood Bbq. I got the honey stung chicken sandwich, and Jeremy had the salmon. I almost always get that or the grilled chicken wrap. Some restaurants I just know what I like and stick with it! Unfortunately, pictures were completely forgotten, but it was very very good.

After our tummies had settled, we went to Sub Zero for a cold treat. This place is so fun. You pick out your ice cream type (premium, half and half, frozen yogurt, soy or rice), then your flavor, then your mix-in. They mix it all up, and then freeze it with liquid nitrogen. A bit pricey, but seriously fun.

I got white chocolate with cheesecake pieces, and Jeremy got cheesecake with strawberries.

Nom, nom.

Jeremy says to me, “You know all the best places.” Aw. Yes I do. And then, to really make the night wild, we went to the Home Depot in search of patio furniture. Yes, we live on the edge.

Well, that’s all for a little bit. Tonight, we’re going for Mexican. Mmm! Extra guac please!!

What’s your favorite item from Great Harvest?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

6 thoughts on “Hanging with the Hubby

  1. Hunter's such a cutie!! Never seen a dog pretending to be a chicken before :PMy favorite ice cream flavor's a tie between cookie dough, moose tracks, and snickers. I guess anything with cookies, peanut butter, and chocolate chunks is good with me! šŸ˜€

  2. Ha, ha. Loved this post!! I'm so excitd, because Nate — my husband — has this Saturday off… which means I can make breakfast for him and me. Your breakfast pics made me extra excited. And I can totally relate. We live on the edge too… Except we go to Lowes instead of Home Depot sometimes. Lol.

  3. Whenever I have BBQ I always get the same thing. It never does me wrong. I try my hardest at other places to mix it up, but I always hate when it's not quite as good as my favorite.

  4. You two are too cute! Beautiful! I love your background to your blog. Calming. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog – means alot ;)I really have to get some pancakes…love potatoes! AND Ice Cream – oh my gosh – I am a FANATIC! Cookies' and Creme is probably my all-time fave…but I also like Vanilla or French Vanilla with mix-ins – like chocolate chips or brownies :)And I love that you eat bread!! I adore it – it's a snack just to have doughy bread with PB while I'm cooking – tired of blogs that are carb-deficient šŸ˜¦

  5. Whenever I have BBQ I always get the same thing. It never does me wrong. I try my hardest at other places to mix it up, but I always hate when it's not quite as good as my favorite.

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