Thoughts on Running, Films and Food!

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments! I love hearing from and getting to know all of you! I truly appreciate each and every one.

Today, I went for a run for the first time in a month. When I drove out to Oregon a few weeks ago, my knees got kind of stiff (partially from 8 hours of sitting in the car) so between that, the heat and perhaps a bit of laziness I had backed off of running.
My usual running route.
Anyways, I took Hunter, my faithful running companion and we headed out. I tried not to make the running mistakes I sometimes do:
Rushing: I start off too fast and get my heart rate too high and tire out/give up halfway through. Since it had been a while plus it was almost 90 degrees outside I did my best to pace myself.
Stiffening my shoulders: I carry the majority of my stress in my shoulders. When I run or even do weight training, I have to consciously relax my shoulders. It definitely makes things easier!
Checking my distance every 2 minutes: Am I the only one who thinks that just makes my run seem longer? This time, I didn’t check my distance or time the entire run. I just focused on my body, my surroundings and the music I was listening to.
Negative talk: “It’s too hot. I’ve run long enough. I’ll just walk for a while. Maybe I’ll just turn around here. Ugh! Sprinklers. I can’t do this.” For me, half of the game is mental. There are always a million reasons NOT to run. When I start thinking negatively, I check in with my body. Are you tired body? Do you hurt? The answer was no. My body was just fine. So I took a deep breath and realized my mind was fine too.
Since I was consciously aware of all these mistakes, I was able to counteract them and I had a fabulous run. It was hot and my face is still beet red but that feeling of completing what I set out to do and not cheating made it all worth it. After all, the only one who gets cheated is myself. Oh, and it reminded me to get my lazy butt out of bed before it gets hot next time.
I have my best thinking time when I’m walking but when I run, my mind is blank. All my thoughts come crashing in my mind after my run (and a good chug of water).
I’ve been watching some interesting foreign and documentary films thanks to my Netflix subscription and I strongly recommend the following:
The Stoning of Soraya M.- You really have to be in the right mood to watch this one because it is intense. Based on a true story, it’s set in Iran in 1986 where a man accuses his wife of adultery so he can marry a younger woman. Her aunt tells her story to a French journalist in hopes of getting her story out to the rest of the world. I truly believe everyone should see this. It is so easy not to think about the crimes against women that are happening on the other side of the world. Farsi with English subtitles.
Food Inc.– A documentary that exposes some of the very ugly truths about the food industry. If you have not seen this, I strongly encourage you to do so. It really makes you think.

Ok, onto some goodies!
Hee, hee. Red velvet batter in a red bowl. Total coincidence.
Yes! Red velvet cupcakes! Another fabulous recipe thanks to Andrea.
Bless Andrea’s heart, she made her own cream cheese frosting but since I had the store bought stuff from my triple chocolate brownies I slapped that on instead. The recipe is a little unconventional (at least to me) but I followed it exactly and was quite impressed with the results.
Hunter is so good at emotional support while I’m baking.
I also made myself a BBQ pizza. This was a recipe from Hungry Girl, though I think I modified it to my own liking.
BBQ Pizza

1 mini pizza crust
1 stick string cheese, shredded in a food processor
chopped green onions (or cilantro)
chopped chicken
BBQ sauce (I mix a lower cal with regular sauce)
2% milk cheddar cheese
Mix chicken with about a tablespoon of BBQ sauce. Spread some more sauce on the pizza crust. Sprinkle half the shredded string cheese on the pizza. Top with BBQ chicken, green onions (or cilantro), remaining string cheese and cheddar cheese. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes.
I just love mini pizzas.
Well tonight, I’m heading downtown for a bit to check out the Basque Festival with some girlfriends. Tomorrow is an early start with 6 am Body Pump!

What are your tips on having a good run? Please share!

What’s an indie/documentary/foreign film you recommend?

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Running, Films and Food!

  1. I can't run outside without hurting my knees but when I used to race I'd always start out way too fast and almost burn myself out too soon..then I found a way to lengthen my strides and make them much lighter. It sort of made me feel like I was "gliding" and I could just run and run. It's hard to explain but I'll give it a shot. When you're running, start to push off from your toes a bit more than you normally do and that should lengthen your stride a bit. It won't hurt- it actually feels pretty awesome. Also, when we run we tend to use only the top part of our lung which makes us huff and puff..if you can "yoga breathe" that helps out tremendously.

  2. I love this post, and I'll tell you why: I love the idea of running with AWARENESS. Mindful running, almost. On the one hand, your mind went blank. But on the other hand, you were conscious of your body's movements, your inclination for negative self-talk, etc. Your mind was actually very present in the experience, and I think that makes such a difference!

  3. Wow that certainly does sound like an intense film! Good though. I think those are great things to try to be aware of during a run. I can see how they would help.

  4. Wow that certainly does sound like an intense film! Good though. I think those are great things to try to be aware of during a run. I can see how they would help.

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