All Play, No Work!

This was my first week of freedom! So I made a goal this week, but I didn’t tell anyone. Well, I probably mentioned it to my Honey, and maybe my fab new gym buddy.

I’d gotten really out of the habit of exercising, so I’m trying to get back into a routine! It seems if I can get into the gym Monday, I’m set the rest of the week.
Monday- Hour of pilates class with Whitney at the gym. This lady doesn’t mess around and I love ever minute of it! Even if I feel like I’m going to die 15 minutes in. 🙂
Tuesday- Went for a 1.5 mile run on the track with my doggie, Hunter. Not super long, but I did a faster pace since I wasn’t doing a long run. My Nike+ said I set a new record for myself for the fastest km yet! Alright!
Wednesday- Let me make this clear: I am. Not. In ANY way. A morning person. That said, I got up SUPER early at 5:30 (AM) and went to a weight training class called Body Pump with Laura my new gym buddy. It was great! I was glad I got myself up and to had my workout done for the day. And I’m pretty sure that my biceps are bigger. Almost positive!
Thursday- Allergy attack!! Ugh. I stayed on the couch blowing my nose all day. No fun.
Friday- Still a little sniffly. Took a nice long walk with Hunter.
Saturday- I planned to go to the gym for a nice sweat session, but then I got a call to go ride my dirt bike! For the record, riding a dirt bike is a LOT more exercise than it looks. Those bikes are HEAVY. It’s physically and mentally EXHAUSTING. There’s so much to think about it, and when I get into a rough patch, I have to talk myself through it and remain calm, even if I’m freaked about wrecking. It was still a short ride, and I didn’t have any major spills like the last time I rode. I thought that I was going to have a big crash, but I managed to slow down, hang on, and make it through some rough terrain! 😀
After biking, I looked out my back window to see that my lawn was growing taller by the hour. Two hours of weeding, picking up doggie poo and mowing later, I had definitely gotten my exercise for the day.
Sunday- Since for me, Sunday is a day of rest, I don’t do any workouts, but walking is perfectly acceptable! So I took a nice little walk just under 2 miles.
So I’m super proud of myself for having a great week!
What fitness goals will you set for yourself this week/month? What’s your alternate form of exercise (a.ka. mowing the lawn, yardwork, etc.)?

4 thoughts on “All Play, No Work!

  1. I want to lose 10 lbs by the fourth of July. It's challenging, but I've been hitting the gym. We went on vacation, but I bought some small weights and went jogging with them. Alternate form of exercise = walking. All. day. long.

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