Two Quick Book Reviews

I’m changing the way I do my book reviews. If you want to know how they turn out, you’ll have to read up!

Catching Fire– This is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Katniss and Peeta continue their facade of being star crossed lovers as they tour the twelve districts. A shocking surprise at the final district is their worst nightmare: to return to the games with other past winners. I still liked the Hunger Games better, but this was definitely a page turner!

The Art of Racing in the Rain– This book started out alright, written from a dog’s perspective of the world. He wishes he could speak, and that he has opposable thumbs. Then things take a dark turn. Much of the book was about the illness of his master’s wife, serious criminal allegations and a bitter battle for custody of Denny’ s daughter. As much as I enjoyed Marley and Me, I was truly disappointed with this book. Though the ending was very sweetly wrapped up.
Have you read either Catching Fire or The Art of Racing in the Rain? What did you think of them? What are your recent favorite reads?

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