Final Feast


So yesterday was my last day at work. I’m going back to school to finish a few prerequisites and then apply to the nursing program at CWI next spring. I’m pretty sure I won’t work at a place that loves food more than CPS. So I went out with a bang with a huge potluck. YUM.

So of course I had to try one of everything:
Ramen salad, potato salad, mini sandwich (ham, colbi jack cheese, cucumber) meatballs, baked beans (made with several bean types including butter beans, my fav!)
Next up:
Calazone! Made with a whole wheat crust, and stuffed with pepperoni, bacon, pepperoncini, onion, olives. Makes me want another one right now!
I also had some fresh fruit:
with some whipped cream of course!
Half way through chowing down on some veggies:
Sugar snap peas are my fav!
Oh, and then some delicious taco soup:

With cheese and sour cream, I kind of inhaled it before I took a picture. Thought about going back for more, but I was pretty full.
But not too full for dessert!
Cookie, brownie and raspberry Newtons (those made my day!)
Needless to say, I was not hungry for dinner!
After work, I took Hunter for a walk along the canal behind our house. Here’s some Hunter love:
And here’s a shameless plug to Container and Packaging Supply.
Does your work ever have pot lucks or people who bring in treats? What’s your favorite place to go walking with (or without) your dog?

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