Remembering Today

I couldn’t let Memorial go by without commenting what it means to me. My husband is in the Army. My dad is retired Air Force. My cousins are in the Navy and the Army. My brother-in-law just joined the Army.

This day is more than war movies, more than the flag we fly, more than the barbecues, the hot dogs or the hamburgers. Today is the day we remember our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, wives or husbands who chose to serve our country so we could have the freedoms we so often take for granted. We also remember those who we don’t know who chose to forever change their lives for the good of this country we call home.

I, for one am grateful. So today, when we go into a grocery store packed with food, today when we freely state our opinion, walk around with our arms bare, and faces uncovered, when we turn on the faucet, drive our cars and live in peace, we remember those who have served for a cause greater than themselves, the cause which isn’t free, so thank you, whoever and wherever you are, for fighting for our freedom.


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