Mowers and Miles

It’s been a busy couple of days.

First, let me introduce the remnants of the cake that I made. You can see that it had been demolished before I remembered to take a picture of it, but you can see that everyone LOVED it! (Including me!) Definitely making that again!

I hadn’t been eating a very good dinner lately, either too tired, too lazy or too bored to think of anything quick and easy. One day I ate canned ravioli with popcorn. No, it wasn’t worth it. Well, the popcorn was. Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Flavored popcorn has all of the flavor (butter, salt and pepper and lime and salt are my favorites) without the artificial flavoring, or fake butter taste. Mmmm mmm!

I did one night, however, whip up this yummy mushroom and spinach omelet. Omelet’s are kind of a big deal at least to me, because I’m not very good at making aesthetically pleasing ones. To my credit, I am getting better. First, I cooked some mushrooms, then threw in some chopped spinach and wilted it just a bit, then I added 4 scrambled egg whites, cooked a couple of minutes, then added a sprinkle of flaked Parmesan cheese, and a wedge of broken up Laughing Cow cheese. Folded over the omelet and viola! Super, duper good.

On a side note, the grass in the front lawn was long enough for a jungle, so I went out and bought this mower. Exciting, I know. Mowing the grass is actually kind of a sneaky way to get in a little workout as well! Sorry the picture is a little grainy.

This Friday, I decided to try a new pizza place down the street, Garbonzo’s Pizza. I got the Garbonzo’s original: pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, tomatoes. I changed out the pepperoni and sausage for chicken and pineapple. It was super good, good ingredients, sauce and of course, the CHEESE. Mmmm! The only thing I didn’t like, was they put fresh tomatoes on the pizza, after it had been baked. Next time I’ll leave off the tomatoes.

I hadn’t been running since Monday and not eating great, not sleeping great I knew I needed to give my body a kick start. It was kind of cloudy and threatening to rain, which seemed like a good excuse to stay in but Hunter was so eager to go, I couldn’t disappoint. I planned to just take a walk about 3 miles around the neighborhood, but I still set up my Nike + on my iPhone so I could track my pace and mileage.

If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting one. You can either buy the sport kit with includes the part to plug into your iPod, or just get the chip use it with the program already on your iPhone. You can make a cartoon of yourself and save it to your screen saver. When you’re consistently running, it will run and give positive encouragement. When you’ve been slacking, it will sit around and yawn and stretch or play with a paddle ball saying things like “I’d like to go for a run, but my hands are tied up!” I think it’s a hillarious way to remember to go running, and stay motivated.

Just a little background on my running history. It started when I took P.E. summer school my junior year of high school, and our teacher was an avid runner. In fact our final was to run 2 miles in 20 minutes. That seemed like forever! Nonetheless, after running/walking 5 days a week in class for an hour, it was an easy feat, coming in at about 18 minutes. Since then, I’ve been into it more at times than others. Last summer, I ran my first 5k, and went on to even finish a 10k. I’ve done another other race since then and have come to really enjoy it. Plus, it’s a great way to exercise my 90 lb golden retriever with endless (and I mean ENDLESS) energy! Hence, a picture of my pooped out doggie after today!

Ok, back to the run. It was windy and attempting to rain, but I figured that I should just get out and go. So I started walking and listening to my iPod. Man, it was kinda cold with the rain blowing, and a light rain in my face. About half a mile in, my muscles were warmed up, but I was still cold. I was feeling pretty good, so I began a light jog. I’ve noticed that I take a while to get my gait and my pace at a good place, and Hunter was keeping up right next to me. 🙂 So we continued the whole way, and the wind and drizzle actually let up for the remainder. Good thing too, because right when we got home, it started to rain a little more seriously. I’m so glad I went!

Stay tuned for the feast I’m making tomorrow for my favorite adopted family!


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