Wonders of a Woman’s Purse

The Purse. Every woman has one. Whether she uses it or not may be another story, but for most of us, it’s a necessity.

For me, BUYING one is no joy. I personally think some purses look so weird, that it just makes me want to run to the shoe store for comfort. (I guess that goes to show where my priorities are!) So I will waste no time giving advice I don’t have about purchasing a purse.
I like to call mine the black hole. Since I refuse to spend more than $50 for a purse (and even then, I’m not sure I’ve spent THAT much), mine is basically a single compartment that I throw everything into, not like this expensive cotton candy colored Juicy Couture bag above. Like my contrasting picture of a black hole and cute purse?
One day, I’ll learn how to integrate pictures into my blog instead of just sticking them at the top. There’s a lot of things I’ll do one day, right?

Anyways, my purse the black hole. I’m sure everyone can relate to how impressive it is how much stuff we can cram in there. The older we get, the bigger our purse gets. Until it practically (or literally!) turns into a diaper bag, or perhaps a picnic basket.
Since I like making lists, I decided to do this one about the contents of my purse. I was googling to find a picture of a purse, and came across article upon article about what every woman should have in her purse. Some of them were sort of lame and forgettable, but this one seemed to be a little humorous and relatable.
Ok, onto the contents of MY purse:

(in no particular order)

-Sunglasses: hard to believe about 2 years ago, I hated the things. It bugged me feeling something on the bridge of my nose.
-Gum: sometimes I carry a few flavors for variety. My favorites are Trident Peppermint, Extra Strawberry Banana, and 5 Solstice.
-Hand Sanitizer: I don’t consider myself an extreme germaphobe, but there isn’t much I dislike more than feeling like my hands are dirty.
-Kleenex: This one makes me feel like I’m turning into my mother (hi mom!) because she always carries these packs around. No wonder! You always need a kleenex at the most inopportune times.
-Orange pen: Life is too short to write everything down in black or blue. Sometimes I have a black pen, if I know I’m going to be writing a check.
-Chapstick/Lip gloss: How is it that I end up with 8 different kinds in there?
-Tide pen: I am that messy eater that is lucky to make it all day without spilling something on myself. These things work great, even on grease.
-Tanning goggles: Before you judge me! I do occasionally go to tanning beds, but the majority of the time, I stick to the mystic tans. Shout out to Planet Beach!
-Ocean Spray or Crystal Light individual drink mix packets: Annoyingly enough, I just learned that a serving size is half a packet as if storing an opened packet in my purse isn’t going to end badly. Luckily, I carry a…
-32 oz. water bottle: Compliments of Nalgene. No seriously, there are perks to working at a packaging company.
-Assortment of Drugs: Hah. No, I don’t sell, nor carry around illegal drugs. Just a few tablets of ibuprofen, allergy medicine, heartburn medicine (for my poor honey) to get by in a pinch.
-Hair band/bobby pin: You never know when you’ll need them.
-Tampons: Every woman’s necessity. Nothing wrong with a woman’s cycle, you prudes!
-Floss/Toothpicks: I actually didn’t know they were in here, until I took inventory. Another thing you only need if you don’t have on hand!
That was actually a pretty short list compared to some days, but there you go, a peek into my life via purse.

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