The Perfect Mix CD

**This blog is dedicated to my hunny Jeremy, who always appreciates my mixes.**
Can I just say that the one thing the iPod can’t do is make mix CD’s. There’s just nothing better than a mix CD, and I put a lot of time into mine. Especially, thanks to iTunes, where I can find lesser known artists, because radio songs get so overplayed anyway. You have to get every song just perfect, and put them in order so there is some flow.
Although I seem to make random mix CD’s still. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s a mix, and that means you can put whatever the heck you want on it.

Here’s the latest mix I made, titled Springtime Seranades:

1. Snow Patrol- Just Say yes
2. Imogen Heap- First Train Home
3. Owl City- Ocean Eyes
4. Leona Lewis- Footprints in the Sand
5. James Morrison- You Make It Real
6. Missy Higgins- All For Believing
7. Joshua Radin- Brand New Day
8. Kenny Chesney (with Dave Matthews)- I’m Alive
9. Lou Rawis- You’ll Never Find Another Love
10. Michael McLean- Tender Mercies
11. Michelle Featherstone- Sweet Sweet Baby
12. Ashley Chambliss- A Little More of You
13. Selena Cross- Hear How I Love You
14. Kari Kimmel- To Make You Smile
15. Mindy Gledhill- A Little More Like Thee
16. Amy Gileadi- I Am Like Star

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