New Year’s Resolutions

So I decided to start a blog. Why? Still figuring it out. Is it because I quit myspace and still have a hankering to design layouts my own corner of the web? (Possibly, still figuring out the layout thing.) Because it’s like keeping a journal/scrapbook? (Yes, I have time nor attention span for the afore mentioned.) Maybe I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, minus the cooking. Well, mostly. I do have plenty of recipe testing adventures, but that’s just a part of the creativity of my life.

So maybe that’s the reason. I like to write, create things, share experiences, let my friends and family take a peek into nonsensical thoughts and adventures.

First on the to do list is new year’s resolutions. Realistic ones. I don’t plan on resolving to be a supermodel, astronaut, or moving to Australia to be a beach bum. Because, realisticly I don’t want to do any of those things anyway.

1) Be more on time.
This one is a carryover from last year. It will probably be my resolution for life. I am getting better.

2) Work out more in the mornings.
Depsite the lovely feeling of gym-hair the rest of the day, it’s a great way to kick off the day. Even if it means getting up at 6 or so to get to the gym by 7.

3) Get more organized.
I’m pretty organized, but moving into our first house has caused a greater need for this. Maybe my resolution should be unpacking the house, but that isn’t going to motivate me.

4) Be more positive and grateful.
I live in a developed country. I have an amazing husband, house, two cars, running water, supportive friends. Sheesh! Life isn’t that bad! Stuff happens and I think, oh it would be me. Why can’t these things happen to anyone else? But my problems are so temporary and minor. I need to remember that this too, shall pass.

5)Less TV, more reading.
Nothing is even on to begin with. Oh sure, my DVR is set to record the shallow lives of others: Real Housewives, The Bachelor(ette). Sometimes I watch something informational on the History or Discovery channel, or TLC (ok, let me clarify: Mystery Diagnosis and other medical shows). Everyone knows reading makes you smarter and expends your vocabulary and spelling.

Oh, and here is what my astrology says should be my resolution, which I happened to read after I set up this blog:

Resolve this year to follow your own unique interests and share them with others. This must be something you regularly do, in addition to the normal structure of home, work, and family. It could be joining a motorcycle club, building a tree house, inventing a new diet and exercise plan – anything will do. It just has to be right for you. When you freely express your unique perspective, it encourages others to do the same.

…so I guess I’m off to a good start. I don’t know about motorcycle club, but learning to ride a dirtbike is close!

Life is worth documenting. I sure have enough to say about it. I like to think that years from now (when all our technology is archaic) it’ll be nice to look back and think oh yea, I remember doing that!


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